The meditation-hypnosis link

Let’s talk about meditation for a moment.

If you’d never come across it or anything like it, it might sound a little odd.

Someone describes a process where you sit still, close your eyes and focus on your breaths, allowing thoughts to pass you by without attachment or judgement, remaining relaxed as you pay attention to the present…

You might conclude the practice is pointless – after all, you’re not doing anything.

Or you might see the value in that. You’re practicing paying attention and staying present, rather than chasing your thoughts down daydreams and distractions.

The second of those is closer to the truth.

But it ain’t the full story.

Meditating for a while starts to feel… strange.

It might be pleasant, like a wave of light tingles rippling through your body.

Or it might be unpleasant, anything from leg cramps to your inner demons popping in to say hi.

More likely, both to some extent.

It can feel surreal, unreal and hyperreal – sometimes all at once.

All that – and a whole lot more – from simply breathing…

That’s because focusing like this puts your mind in an altered state of consciousness – what we hypnotists would call the trance state.

You could just as easily flip the labels if you want, saying hypnosis puts you in a meditative state. It’s fine, I won’t stop you.

I want to emphasise a few things here:

Firstly, a meditative trance and a hypnotic trance are extremely similar.

Subjectively, they feel pretty close to each other (and unlike most other things you experience). Maybe not identical, but more alike than not.

Objectively, they alter the brain, both in the moment and over time, in similar ways.

Secondly, meditation is old. It’s positively ancient. That means people have been entering meditative/hypnotic trances for thousands of years – and probably much longer.

Thirdly, I know many folks struggle with meditation. In the grand scheme of things, it might not be easy but it’s simple.

A couple of minutes of focusing on your breath can change your brain.

Not subtly either – in ways many folks believe you can only do with drugs.

This tells me your brain wants to enter a trance. Whether it’s easy for you yet or not, the process couldn’t be simpler.


Meditation is a solo act.

If you want someone else to enter a meditative trance, your best option is to teach them and guide them into it.

Hypnosis works through the relationship.

You can hypnotise someone – even a crowd – because that’s how the craft works. I often describe it as meditating in someone else’s mind.

You might be lost and unsure about how to meditate.

But in the hands of an experienced hypnotist, that doesn’t matter. They know enough for you to enter a deep trance state when you need it.

If you’d like to experience a really meditative style of hypnosis, I can recommend the Neural Reset.

It’s like a really long, deep meditation session, even if your mind wanders or you can’t sit still.

I won’t say it’s foolproof – someone else could fight the process if they wanted. But as long as you’re open to the experience, you will feel deeply refreshed.

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