Memorise Complex, Arbitrary Information Quickly and Easily

Waking Dreaming trains your visual and spatial intelligence.

That has enormous benefits – from simple things like getting lost less often, to big things like protecting your brain’s health.

It’s a big deal.

With this comes greater skills of observation, creativity and emotional flexibility.

But a less obvious benefit is a boost to your memory.

Sure, as your brain sharpens, your memory will naturally improve. But on top of that, I’m talking about a clever way to remember complicated, abstract and arbitrary information.

With practice, you can store it in seconds and know you can retrieve it – even years later.


I explain it all in my bonus for owners of Monster Mind Edukaré – an early edition of my next book.

This special, pre-release, Edukaré-only version has exclusive bonus chapters, demonstrating:

  • An almost-foolproof technique for entering the Waking Dreaming state,
  • A strange way to overcome insomnia,
  • Ways to boost your memory by giving old techniques a new twist,
  • A fun, quick and easy way to make the best decisions of your life with confidence, and
  • An intriguing “hack” for gaining the benefits of esoteric (and sometimes even fictitious) religious rituals.

But I’d get a wriggle on if I were you.

This bonus will only be available for about 24 hours from when I sent this.

Snoozers are losers and will miss out forever.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing Edukaré, here’s the perfect time:

P.S. To make this decision even easier, I’m knocking $61 off the price during this window. This is the best time to buy it you’ll come across in a while. Use the code DREAM at the checkout – only valid while this complimentary copy of Waking Dreaming: A Manual is live.

P.P.S. Make sure you download the bonus content ASAP. It’ll disappear from your list of content when the deadline hits.

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