Do you want learning mild, medium or spicy?

Do you want learning mild, medium or spicy?

Chili is a funny thing. Food is something of a social activity – a bonding ritual, often sacred. We share meals to celebrate, to get to know each other or just to hang out.

So what does spicy food say about us?

Why do we like to inject a little pain into this experience?

I love spicy food. Somehow it makes it more… fun, maybe? Or perhaps more real. Your whole body reacts to the heart – from your heart to your head. In some small way, it makes you feel more alive.

That’s nice with our food. It doesn’t work the same with self-education, though.

After all, plenty of learning material is painful enough. Boring speakers, wordy explanations, tedious formats, inflexible delivery styles, poor quality audio and video…

Adding a bit of pain to that would be like rubbing chili oil into a scorpion sting.

Really you want to take the pain out of it.

Well, I can’t fix anyone’s content.

But I can open your mind to better engage with the material.

When you’re inspired to learn, it’s easy to stay focused. Your mind holds onto the concepts better, plays with them more, integrates them into the rest of your mind.

Plus a hundred other things.

It helps you find fun in the learning and tolerate the bad bits better.

This might just be the secret ingredient you were looking for:

Photo by
Sonja Punz on Unsplash

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