Like a gym membership… with a few extra benefits

Like a gym membership… with a few extra benefits

If you’re a regular at the gym, you must dread this time of year. Christmas and the Near Year probably saw travel, celebration and a little overindulgence. It’s hard to keep your routine when you’re enjoying some time to reflect and savour.

Then when you finally get to the gym…

Gyms, on the other hand, love this time of year… even if the regulars don’t. A swarm of resolution-makers descends on the facilities, flooding the place and filling the gym’s bank account.

It’s crowded, even if it won’t last.

I say, good on these people for making a change and I wish them luck with their goals.

There’s something interesting about the situation, though…

Because there’s a gym of sorts that doesn’t get crowded. It’s available globally – all you need is an internet connection. Instead of working your muscles, though, this one works your mind.

No, no, I’m not talking about those cutesy brain training apps. Most of those don’t work. Stanford researchers (among others) slammed their claims. Their conclusion? Those games are just that – games.

Those same researchers identified what does work, though. Certain activities, exercises and activities strengthen your brain. Follow a disciplined regime and these will sharpen your focus, boost your memory and stave off degeneration.

I worked these exercises into a mind training program of my own. Like a gym, it requires an ongoing membership. Unlike a gym, though:

* It contains a year’s worth of training material (so far).

* You can download the files to your system – even if you cancel your membership, you’ll have lifelong access to what you could access.

* You can practice the exercises anywhere, whether you’re queuing, in a boring meeting or setting aside some quiet time.

That’s how the training works.

What’s the training in?

If you want to have deeper, richer relationships…

… or enhance your health and physical resilience…

… or charge your mind so you burn with creative energy…

… then I have to warn you. What you can learn goes so far beyond that, you won’t know where to start.

And it’s backed by the best science you can shake a test tube at.

If you want to work those neurons in ways you’ve never imagined, then head on over:

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

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