Mind training… or mind vacationing?

In hunter-gatherer societies, play is important.

Sure, it builds social bonds and is fun – all stuff that’s true now as well.

For them, play is also training. Wrestling, mock hunting, throwing rocks – these are all skills they’ll need as adults.

Fast forward a few generations of civilisation.

Play and training become separate things.

You go to school… then play with your friends afterwards.

Maybe you then go to uni… where you split your time between learning and partying.

Then you enter the workforce… and most of the workforce lies in a 9-to-5, live for the weekends grind.

That’s not the natural order of things. Play and work, fun and training, it all works best when it’s all the same thing.

How can you recapture that?

Quit your job, follow your passion and do whatever you love?

Well, sure.

But assuming that’s impractical to do right now…

There’s a style of deep, mental training that merges fun with effort. The more results you get, the more you enjoy it. And I don’t mean you “learn to enjoy it”, like how folk say happens with exercise and meditation. I mean the fun is built in, not the result of some endorphin high that may never come.

You can become sharper, more focused, more confident and creative, all while chilling out in your downtime.

If that sounds too good to be true, the usual caveats apply. It takes discipline to learn this skill and make it a habit.

But it sure doesn’t need discipline to stick with it…

You can learn this exciting take on mind training right here:


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