Mindlessly find your life’s purpose

Feel like you could do more with your life?

Then it’s time to do some hard thinking.

To sit down with a pen in hand, writing out everything you should do with your life. Career, relationships, money, hobbies – think about and write out clear goals you should meet before you die.

Then again…

Maybe that’s a horrible, demoralising plan that sets you up for failure.

Best case scenario:

You feel inspired for a few days. Maybe even a few months. Then your plans seem like nothing but hard work and shallow rewards.

Even if you achieve your goals, you feel empty afterwards. So you either set new goals that’ll disappoint you… or you settle.

You might even start to think you’re incapable of happiness. After all, look at your life. You worked hard, checked all the boxes… only to still feel empty and unfulfilled.

Trust me, you’re capable of happiness.

You just made a simple, understandable mistake at the start of all this:

You tried to think your way to the answer.

There’s a common factoid about the brain that says you can only hold five to nine things in your awareness at once.

Maybe you agree with that, maybe think that’s conservative. So let me be generous and let’s say, for argument’s sake, you can hold 30 things in your awareness at once.

Even with this boost to your abilities…

… you really think you can predict the future with so few variables?

Even a simple binary decision – like will Job A or Job B make me happier – has thousands of factors in it.

Your conscious mind can’t hold on to all of that. It’s great at many things, but not handling something with so many moving parts.

The answer?

Forget about involving your awareness. It can’t make the decision here – not with any real hope of success.

You need to make the decision without thinking about it – not consciously, anyway.

Because your unconscious can handle the variables. It processes billions of chunks of data, all the time – even when you sleep. It’s what directs your attention to loud noises, regulates your body and runs your emotions.

It’s not magical. If you expect it to know the best choice with certainty – or to predict, say, lotto numbers – then you’re out of luck.

But it’s the best tool you have for making complex and difficult decisions.

Then again… if it’s unconscious, then how do you access it? Surely by definition you can’t…

Not so, my clever pendo.

That’s what hypnosis is all about.

Your unconscious has many answers and wants to share them. But there’s a divide between your awareness and your unconscious – the same divide that keeps you from controlling your own heartbeat or being overwhelmed by every sensation in your body.

Hypnosis bridges this gap.

In time, you could learn to consciously slow your heart. That’s way more advanced than you need for this, though.

In a hypnotic trance, explore how you should really be spending your time.

With practice (or maybe even without it), the answers will come – so clear and obvious you won’t be able to deny it.

You could keep your true purpose in the back of your mind while you experience the Neural Reset.

If you’re after clarity, then let me know before going in and I guarantee you’ll have more on the other side.

If you’ve ever had an epiphany, it’s been because you crossed the gap between your unconscious and conscious. Hypnosis like this is a fantastic way to earn an epiphany. Whether or not you have one, you’ll see the challenge of your life in a new light.

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