The modern day muse

No wonder the ancients thought creativity came from somewhere else.

Muses, genii, divine inspiration…

I write a lot, plus I indulge in a few other creative activities. It often feels like that – less like you create something and more like you channel it.

Even as I write these words, I’m not thinking about which words to use. I set my intention and the words almost choose themselves.

But what on earth does that mean?

Let’s assume we live in a post-Enlightenment era, where ‘magic!’ isn’t an answer. If there are no muses whispering in your ear, then creativity comes from inside you. But if it comes from inside you… how come it feels like it doesn’t?

My opinion?

Creativity, intuition and insight all come from your brain… but not from the part you’re consciously aware of.

There’s the conscious mind… and then your unconscious.

That’s why creativity feels less like solving a puzzle and more like planting seeds in a garden. Sure, there are things you can do to nurture and encourage the seeds but, at the end of the day, plants grow themselves.

It’s a too-simple analogy, if you forget how complex a seed truly is.

But how does it help you?

What’s the creativity-equivalent of rich soil, sunlight and plenty of water?

The simplest thing to do is get out of your own way. Free yourself from distractions for a while. That’s why so many folks get their best ideas in the shower, while driving or when falling asleep – it’s the only time they give themselves to think.

That’s more about what not to do. What about ways to encourage creative thinking?

I know a few of those.

And that’s the beauty of my new and improved Neural Reset. It combines both these ideas – giving your mind the space to think, plus a few techniques to stimulate creativity – to let you deeply relax while sparking inspiration.

Because it does two things now – deep relaxation and creativity – I’m going to increase the price in a few days.

But if you sign up before then, you get all the new benefits at the old, lower price.

So procrastinate not, lest ye find yourself cursing your slowness:

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