The most radical brain training

I talk a lot about brain training.

I’m not alone. Whenever I go into the app store, it’s always recommending cutesy brain training apps to me. I’ve never installed one, so it’s not like it’s a case of offering me what I’ve shown I want.

I’m sure I have the profile of a brain-trainer.

My point is Stanford debunked brain-training games – hard. Although I don’t use the apps, I do sometimes browse brain-training games online.

Some have taken Stanford’s helpful suggestions to heart.

Most haven’t. They tend to slap a label on there, saying it’s unproven in small print, even after their copy says it is.

The main problem – which so few of these games address – is the games are too removed from reality. Gardening is better brain training because it gets you outside, using your senses and your body.

There’s a better form of it still.

See, there’s a way of thinking that uses the brain for what it evolved for. I don’t mean building tools, outsmarting our prey or hunting as a pack. Those are side effects of the phenomenal piece of hardware between your ears – as is art, religion, philosophy and technology.

You didn’t just evolve to think.

You evolved to be a genius – to be a G-D supercomputer cloaked in meat, doing things that are unheard of in science and nature.

Use your brain like this and it lights up.

Neglect it and it atrophies.

But it goes deeper than that.

An almost spiritual bliss comes from using your brain in this way. By changing how you think, you rapidly become smarter, happier and wiser.

If that’s not phronesis , then I don’t know what is.

Think with your nature, not against it.

I explain it on pages 33-35 of Phronesis Accelerator. Using it will save yourself and save civilisation at the same time.

You only have a few minutes, though. I’m closing the sign-up page practically now.

Most fast and learn to think faster:

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