Is this motivation trick too easy?

Is this motivation trick too easy?

Surely any strategy to boost your motivation must be difficult. It has to be gut-wrenching, soul-crushing and blood-curdling. Filling your mind with a burning desire to take action can’t be simple…


Well, I’m not so sure. I mean, look at me – I’m highly driven and also lazy.

A contradiction?

If so, I’m not the only one living it.

Listen to any of the great mathematicians and you’ll hear the same thing. They work hard, even obsessively, while taking every shortcut they can.

Some writers talking about their craft describe a lifestyle a stoner would envy.

Sure, sure, there are counterexamples. Some writers and mathematicians work hard. And few business leaders or athletes rose to the top by loafing around. These people can’t waste time psyching themselves up, though. If they need a conscious strategy to ignite the reservoirs of energy and drive, it can’t be too complicated.

That’s what I like about my approach to it. There are three common failure points when it comes to motivation. As such, mine is a three-step process.

These steps are simple, flexible and powerful.

Follow them and suddenly it all becomes so much easier. Imagine what you could achieve if you spent your energy on your vision, not on trying to convince yourself to work.

Is this motivation strategy too easy?

Honestly, I think it’s still too complicated. But it’s as simple as I could make it while still guarding against the typical failure points. Any simpler and it might not clear the path in front of you for ticking off whatever’s on your list.

Three simple steps is all right, I reckon.

And you can get your eyeballs on them if you’re an Awakened Thought member. After all, this January is all about motivation. If you could use a little more kick – and couldn’t we all – then this month is perfect for you.

I’d get cracking, though. This process will disappear all too soon. Procrastinate on this and you will miss out.

Or you take the first step in learning how to really use your time and focus.

Your choice, my friend. Just make it quickly.

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