Do you ever feel like Mozart without the Music?

Sometimes, you look around in life and you wonder…

Is this it?



The odds of you being born are billions to one against. Your potential is practically limitless.

And yet…

Here you are, living what feels like a half-life – on a good day.

If you find yourself craving something more – more excitement, more fulfilment and more Impact – you’re not alone.

I was exactly like that myself.

My quarter-life crisis hit me hard. I was young, unattached, with enough money to travel, learn, explore…

And I saw the world differently to other folks. I knew, deep down, that there was something better I could be doing with my life.


I was wasting it.

It was awful. It felt like I could be doing anything – instead, I was doing nothing.

I’d watch the days whither in a thankless cubicle job, then be too exhausted to do anything with my evenings.

Even though I burned with creativity, it was as if… I had no way to channel it!

It felt like I should be doing something – anything – with my life, other than this.

The all-too-common problem?

I had no idea what.

It sort of felt like I was Mozart without the music – like I had this tremendous, world-class genius inside me, waiting to emerge… if only I could figure out what would ignite the spark.

Because that’s how it felt – like being on the verge of discovering some new talent, new passion or new purpose.

But it never arrived.

And you know what?

That turned out to be fine.

See, most folks in their 20s – like I was at the time – haven’t figured out their Impact. They think they’re supposed to, that everyone else has it figured out, but they don’t.

The breakthrough for me was when I realised no one had ever taught me how to learn about my Impact.

All my major life choices weren’t is service of some higher purpose – my life’s calling.

I chose a degree that sounded cool – same with my first job.

That’s because I didn’t know my true calling yet.

And I probably still haven’t. My life in five years, let alone 20, will look radically different from this.

That’s fine, because I’ll say this:

All the frustrations, dissatisfaction, confusion and disillusionment I used it feel?


Because I live with greater Impact every day.

And Impact is nothing more than your purpose, your vision and your mission.

It’s the thing you can dedicate your life to creating…

… and die a celebrated hero.

Everyone influences the world, but there’s a reason I capitalise Impact.

Your Impact on the world makes it a better place.

Your efforts ripple out, helping folks you’ll never meet and who’ll never know your name.

It’s like blasting a hole in the wall between now and a better future… and letting everyone follow you through!

That’s why I wrote this guide – to help you live with greater Impact every day.

If you’re not sure what you should do with your life… well, this is it.

Enhance your impact and the answers will find you.

The way I see it, there are five paths to greater Impact.

Five archetypes to embody.

Study them, reflect on them and you’ll start living a life of purpose.

You’ll have more energy, greater satisfaction, unparalleled confidence and focus…

And those are the side effects of seeing your Impact in the world.

The real benefits – well, you have to live those for yourself…

You can learn 5 Ways to Find Your Impact today, simply by downloading my report from the link below:


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Cover image by Gianluca Carenza on Unsplash


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