Fixing the muddy middle

Most folk find it easier to start a project than finish one.

Starting is fun and exciting. There are limitless possibilities. When you think of how things will be at the other side, it’s downright seductive.

Some folk find the wheels fall apart right at the end. These are the perfectionists, not wanting to release anything until it’s without flaws.

Perceived or otherwise.

And some have a fear of failure – it’s better in their minds to abandon the project at the 90% than to finish it and be disappointed.

For most of us, though, the challenge lies elsewhere:

The muddy middle.

This is far enough from the start that all the fun and freshness has worn off. In fact, you might be darn sick of the project by now. And it’s too far from the end to simply dig deep and soldier on.

The muddle middle is where dreams die.

It’s where novels lie, abandoned by their authors.

It’s a land of half-finished cabinets, cookbooks and cardiovascular improvements.

When you answer to no one but yourself, the muddy middle is fatal. It’ll kill all your ideas until you stop bothering to start them.

It also coldly murders your self-improvement projects. Like any project, you start off full of spice and pepper.

It’s exciting to imagine your future, where you’re smarter, healthier, richer and more popular.

The best part is you see some rapid improvements early on.


Your progress slows.

You have to work harder for every percentile improvement.

You become tired.

Other self-improvement projects tantalise you.

If you’re clever and wise, you’ll anticipate this and build in countermeasures to every project you undertake. Relying on raw enthusiasm is a rookie move.

Speaking of countermeasures…

Now, I’m not going to say Monster Mind Edukaré has no muddy middle. I can’t control your attitude towards it.

But it does have some cool countermeasures built in.

One is the sheer variety. What you learn and how you learn it never stops evolving.

The other big one?

That’s ReIGNITE – module 11.

The first module uses my IGNITE System to harness all that excitement and use it as fuel.

ReIGNITE takes that fire and… well, reignites it.

Done properly, it can create enough momentum to keep you flying through the other modules.

How does it work?

You’ll simply have to find out:

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