Why I would murder my twin and take over his life

Why I would murder my twin and take over his life

Evil twins are great and not at all unrealistic, clichéd messes.

That’s why I would be one. You know, in some hypothetical where I have a twin and I’m murderous.

Really, it just makes sense.

The biggest challenge about murdering your twin and then assuming his place isn’t that it’s hard to impersonal people. Or even that it’s morally and logistically questionable.

No, the biggest obstacle is that genetics predispose you to violent tendencies. If I’m a cold-blooded monster, then there’s a good chance so is he.

Sure, he might appear to be a respectable businessperson. That could be a façade though. A raw, savage, untamed animal might lurk beneath the surface. He may have suppressed that all his life, but the moment his life is in danger, he accesses something deep inside him.

Even so, I like my odds.

Genetics and your upbringing seem to influence a lot of things in your life. Your health, your wealth, your intelligence… and, yes, your psychopathy.

Really, it’s a statistics thing. You’re slightly more likely to go one way over another.

But genetics aren’t destiny.

They won’t tell you what you can and can’t be. They may guide, but they won’t constrain.

The ultimate power over your life rests with you.

So while my twin might just murder me back, I’ll take my chances.

You might have felt liberated when you first realised you could change anything in your life. Or maybe it felt constricting. Does that mean your problems are your fault?

And people might say that you can change, but that’s not the same as knowing how.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can suggest your next step.

If you want to change your thinking around health and wealth…

From your body to your mind (and everything in between)…

Then the next step is to keep reading:


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