My arbitrary 8% mark-up

Recently, I released Phronesis Accelerator Collection.


Phronesis Accelerator is a monthly subscription I offered. If you care about continuous growth more than learning isolated skills, it was perfect for you.

I released the core material plus the first four issues as a bundle – this Collection, if you will.

If you do the maths on it, your brow might wrinkle. The collection is over 8% more expensive than if you’d subscribed to it.

What sort of game am I playing here? Shouldn’t there be a bulk discount or something, rather than a mark-up?

Nah, see, you’re thinking about this all wrong.

Don’t be mad that I’m selling it to you at a slightly higher price.

Be grateful I’m selling it at all. If you missed the chance to subscribe, here’s your chance to grab it now.

I’m not going to reward slowness and laziness with a cheaper price.

And don’t expect that 8% to do anything but rise again…

Anyway, it still works out to be absurdly affordable. It’s something like $1.50 per page or less than $2 a day if you rush through it. Since each page has things that might help you see the world differently and endure it better, finding deeper and better ways to be, I’d call that a win.

Grab it here:

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