The Mystery of the Unmarketable Hypnotist

The Mystery of the Unmarketable Hypnotist

Hypnotists should make great marketers. We are experts in persuasion, masters at solving pain and sublime communicators. When we speak, we transform worlds. And yet most hypnotists struggle to attract clients. How many of us dream of meaningful and profitable work, only to be forced to return to corporate hells after a few years?

In person, you are literally mesmeric. How do so many of us have bland, forgettable websites? What’s with the incoherent email campaigns? Do we capture our client’s personal details as easily as we capture their hearts?

What is going on?

Many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t believe in themselves or their products. I don’t blame them – the amount of garbage available today is disheartening. But the hypnosis industry doesn’t have this problem. We know we offer value. Actually, ‘value’ sounds cheap. We change lives. We break unbreakable habits, we dig up buried dreams and phobias fear us. If everyone knew a good hypnotist, the world would be a saner place. And we know it.

Do we, perhaps, turn our noses up at ‘marketing’ and other dirty business words? Some of us do, though that’s a cover. If a client presented this feeble excuse, you would cut through it. Yes, you are healer and yes, business stuff distracts you from that. But you know that, without a viable business, you can’t help anyone.

Marketing is the noblest endeavour when you offer something genuine. If your skills transform lives, then it is your duty to break through doubts, excuses and objections. You know that most clients would rather pay you then suffer through their problems a minute longer. You owe it to them to help them make the right decisions.

We have the means and the motive to persuade people. So what makes so many of us let the opportunities pass by?

You might be different. My guess is that most of us have failed to generalise. No doubt you’ve seen plenty of subjects with incredible inner strength. The reason they still smoke or fear rabbits isn’t that they’re weak but that they never thought to apply their strength. I politely accuse many of us of doing the same thing. If you frame their hesitation to be your client as a fear of solving their problems… well, you know how to dissolve fear.

Treat objections from potential clients the same as you treat actual clients. There are limits to how much hypnotic power you want to use uninvited, of course. Please don’t mistake me and think you should induce trance in everyone who walks by you. But the principles in marketing and hypnosis are the same, even if the intensity isn’t. Tap into their resources, reframe their problems, dissociate them from the objections or do whatever it is you do. They want you to help them so prove to them that you can.

Hypnosis and marketing are similar: everyone knows a little but, for the big things, you’d best rely on an expert. If you want to reach more people and inspire them to act, talk to a marketer who knows the hypnosis business today:

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