The nasty side effects of mind training

The nasty side effects of mind training

Many people wonder if there are any side effects, consequences or negative reactions to hypnosis and meditation. Some people, including younger versions of me, would tell you absolutely not.

Your mind only gives you what you’re able to deal with, I would have said.

Now, there’s some truth to that.

But if that were always the case, why would we see people respond badly to it?

Because of mind training, you might become tired, lethargic and unmotivated.

Or you become anxious, stressed or jittery.

You could trigger hallucinations, chronic pain or headaches.

Some people even have psychotic breaks. I’m not being cute with my language here – I mean full on episodes where they lose touch with reality.

And you might never recover from these.

Because mind training is like training your body. You can go from being perfectly healthy to crippling yourself by working out too hard, with bad technique or with unreasonable expectations.

Delving into your unconscious strains your mind – sometimes in a healthy way, sometimes not.

But like physical exercise, the answer isn’t to avoid it.

It’s to be smart.

Learn proper form, understand your limits and build up slowly.

Stick with it, be disciplined and be sensible.

Your mind is like any muscle. You can snap it… or you can develop it. You can leave it stronger and more flexible than it’s ever been.

Mental exercise is just as addictive as the physical flavour. Maybe even more so.

And the payoffs are even greater. What does lifting weights get you – better posture, more energy, a nicer physique? Mind training can get you all of that (yes, even the leaner bod) plus a few extra bonuses.

Like a sharp, analytical mind that retains everything.

Or creativity overflowing from you onto your screen, canvas or sketchpad.

Or simply happiness.

Want to get started?

Here’s a beginner’s guide to mind training, unlike anything you’ll find among meditation classes or those kooky games people pretend are brain training.

Unlike them, this works easily – even if you can’t quiet your mind.

Here’s the link:

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