The Natural Pain Remedy That’s (Almost) Too Effective

The Natural Pain Remedy That’s (Almost) Too Effective

You can resolve pain in an entirely natural and drug-free way. No surgery, no medication and no gimmicks.

Yes, it’s effective. Even with chronic pain. And with severe pain, like with childbirth.

It’s a technique used across the world and throughout time. That’s because it works. In fact, it works too well.

I’m serious. Unless you have a doctor’s mission, I’d think twice before using it. Doctors use pain in helping to diagnose conditions. Getting rid of it could divert them from finding the answer.

And something like a headache might come from tension in your back, dehydration, a lack of sleep or too much screen time. Blotting the signal without addressing the cause does you no favours.

So only turn to self-hypnosis when it’s safe to resolve your pain.

Because what is pain, really?

Some people see it as the body’s response to damage. Your tissues register something bad, your nerves generate a signal and your brain receives it.

Now, there’s truth to that. No one would deny it.

But that’s not what pain is.

If that were all it was, it wouldn’t explain why it sometimes persists despite medication. After all, drugs mess with the signal… but they don’t always reduce the sensation.

There are also those who have an injury, fully recover from it, then still experience discomfort.

You can also resist pain when you have a reason to. People have leapt through fire or taken bullets and not even noticed until they’re safe again.

Pain is a signal from the body. It’s also your mind’s way of getting your attention.

If your foot is injured, then your mind wants you to not walk on it. This is important information and it has to get your attention somehow.

Too many people make the mistake of ignoring these sensations. If your mind wants you to notice something but you ignore it, then it will shout louder. And louder. And it will keep doing so until you hear the message.

If you ignore the sensation, it builds.

If you get angry or frustrated at the sensation, it builds.

But if you pay attention to it, and benignly listen to what your body is saying, then it diminishes.

Maybe you can do something different, like favour one side or spend time resting.

Then again, maybe you can’t.

Either way, the message is important. So listen to it without judgement.

Of course, it’s easy to say that. When you’re living with sensations like this, it’s hard to view it in a neutral or positive way.

That’s where self-hypnosis helps. In a trance, you can put aside your interpretations of the experience and really listen to the message. Many people find that, through the calmness of the trance state, the sensation starts to unravel all on its own.

You might be one of these lucky people. Or it might take time for you to really get the message. Either way, regular hypnotic experiences will relieve your sensations sooner or later.

If you want to learn how to enter a trance, then my eBook covers what you need. From there, you can experiment with your own personal experiences.

(Again, only with proper medical approval.)

If nothing else works, then it might not be the signal but your reaction to it. So retune your reactions and watch it all melt away.

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