Never let yourself be satisfied

One of the things folk warn you about – in life and in self-improvement – is always feeling unsatisfied.

The danger, they say, is that nothing ever becomes good enough.

You get a promotion and you immediately focus on the next one.

You get the girl, then start thinking about the next relationship.

Then you wander the earth, spending your time wallowing about what you don’t have.

This is one of those things that isn’t as bad as it seems. And it sure beats the alternative. What, you’re just supposed to check out of life? Draw a line in the sand and say, yes, this is where I’ll rest now?

Some folk might like that. For me, that’s a living hell. I need to keep moving forward, chasing the next big thing.

Other folk can settle for what they are. I’m far from complete, though, so I’m gonna keep working on myself.

As far as I’m concerned, the ideal life is one where you’re never satisfied… but in a smart way.

You can let yourself gripe and moan about what you don’t have.

Or you can relentlessly chase what you want, while also being happy about it.

You can fall in love with the chase. When you fixate on the outcomes – the bigger house, the better job – then every moment you don’t have those, you’re a failure. But if you fixate on the process – building your skills, establishing revenue streams – then every day, you succeed a little more.

You can appreciate what you have, even as you create something better. A common mistake is to resent what’s yours. That’s a loser’s mindset. Winners see the value in what they already have, without deluding themselves about the problems.

Or you can be mindful about the whole thing. Live purely in the moment, with no narratives about yourself or your circumstances.

Either way, you’re never satisfied.

And it’s your greatest strength.

One of the stranger things is when you’re unsatisfied with your mind. What do you do then?


Get plenty of sleep?


All of those will help.

But if you want to take it further – I’m talking to professional mental athlete levels – then you need a serious training regimen.

Something like this:

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