You’re never too young to conquer the world

I remember what it was like to be a teenager. You suddenly have the mental power to do amazing things. Intelligence, discipline and creativity triple, then triple again.

But people still treat you like you’re just a kid.

You can’t drive until you’re 16 or so.

Can’t buy a knife either.

Can’t touch booze until you’re 18 or 21.

You can get a job, but you can’t start a business.

You might think there are excellent reasons for this.

And maybe you’re right.

By your early 20s, your intelligence, discipline and creativity triple again. Yet there are still plenty of folk who treat you like you’re fresh from the womb, stumbling about on shaky feet…

But remember, Alexander the Great inherited his empire (and armies) at, what, age 20?

And then immediately started conquering most of the known world. During which he never lost a battle.

Sure, he was tutored by Aristotle as a teenager. Maybe that’s the secret.

Or maybe we consistently underestimate and overcoddle people.

What’s something you can’t do?

That’s impossible for you?

That no matter what you tried, it would forever be beyond your reach?

Take a moment to think about it. Be honest.

Then answer me this:

What if you had to do it?

Succeed or the universe will implode.

You’d quickly find your limitations are little more than nonsense you learned in the past. Even though consciously you might know it’s not true, your unconscious still follows the program.

So shut down the program. Hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE on it, crash that sucker and fire up something new.


That’s what self-hypnosis is all about:

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