The New Years Resolution you could have made

By now, most folk who made a resolution for 2020 have given up on it by now. We’re coming into late February, where the gyms become empty and purveyors of junk food rub their greasy, sticky hands together with glee.

If you’re still sticking to your resolution, congratulations. That puts you in a precious minority.

But you’re not out of the woods yet. Whatever you changed is becoming a habit by now, so the hard part’s over… but there are no guarantees here. You can be undoing the change just as easily as you made it in the first place.

The problem with resolutions runs deep.

Most take too much energy or willpower, like constantly denying yourself the food you want.

And most aren’t fun. Sure, plenty of folk like exercise and you can probably learn to like it too. But if you already liked it, you probably wouldn’t have made that your resolution.

What if there was a resolution you could have made that was fun…

That transforms your life, from your work success to dating to creating new friendships…

… and that didn’t take much extra time or effort? In fact, for some of you, it will save you effort by making something simpler for you.

This thing it simplifies is something you do all the time – and it’s the key to a lot of happiness and success.

The resolution you could have made…

And still can, right now…

… is have better conversations with folk.

Deep, meaningful interactions do wonders for your career, whether you’re a solopreneur or working for a big organisation.

It’s vital to social success, from getting along with family to cultivating romance.

More than that, they make life richly satisfying.

The thing is, conversations are supposed to be natural. The more you think about what you’re saying, the less engaging you become. That means you’re either naturally good at talking with folk… or not.


Wrong, pendo. You can learn this. Even better, you can learn a simple framework you keep at the back of your mind, freeing you up to lose yourself in the moment. With my Conversation Hacker program, you learn the architecture of conversations – something you can apply to every deep and meaningful talk, every business meeting and every coffee you order.

You can practice this every day.

It’s fun, it’s satisfying and it pays off for you.

And you can learn how to do all that, right here:

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