You can’t build a New You without your Old You

You can’t build a New You without your Old You

Here’s something elusively obvious: Your unconscious mind holds on to old copies of your personality.

How is that elusive?

Most people don’t know that.

How is it obvious?

Have you ever seen an adult get so angry or scared they regress to childhood? I’ve seen grown men in suits throw literal temper tantrums.

Maybe if you’re honest, you can think of that happening to you.

This is an interesting fact, perhaps. Your mind archives old versions of you, like a keen collector.

Or perhaps ‘hoarder’ is more accurate…

To not be hoarders ourselves, we need to ask: is this a cool idea we can file away, a small addition to our collection of interesting facts…

Or can we use this information to our advantage?

Everything in psychology is relevant and useful, so long as it’s true.

If you want more creativity, fun, intuition, friendship, joy, love, spontaneity, play and freedom…

Well, a mystic will tell you to embrace your inner child.

I’ll tell you the same thing (from a different perspective).

There’s an archived version of You who has all of that. What they lack in wisdom, talents and experience, they make up for with a fiery delight we adults tend to unlearn.

You can reconnect with that, right now.

You can bring the best of that version of You and combine it with your current You.

A new You forged from the raw materials of your old You.

This doesn’t happen with conscious thinking, though. In some ways, conscious thought is what created this mess in the first place.

Approach this idea with unconscious thinking, though?

You’ll be surprised with how natural this can be:

Photo by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash

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