Make your next decisions with 20/20 hindsight

When you look back on your life, the best moves seem obvious.

The jobs you turned down but shouldn’t have.

The folk you stuck with, when walking away would be better.

It’s all so clear with that 20/20 vision hindsight gives you.

But why does that only work when looking back?

Why can’t you see the decisions you’ve yet to make that clearly?

The simple answer is you don’t have all the information yet. And that’s true. We might not see the past clearly, but it sure seems sharper than the future.

Unless you live in a world of magic and prophecies, the future is uncertain.

And yet…

You can see the future far clearer than you give yourself credit for. Forget psychic powers – I’m talking good ol’ fashioned brainpower.

There’s a model of the brain where it’s nothing but a prediction machine. All it does, in every moment, is predict what comes next. When reality doesn’t align with the prediction, we feel surprise… then refine our predictions for next time.

Whether it’s true to that extent, the brain is excellent at guessing the future.

The trick is most of that happens behind closed doors. Your conscious mind can’t track all the variables, so if you rely on your intellect to see what comes next… well, that’s like entering a lock picking contest wearing oven mitts. Oven mitts are useful things, but awful for this job.

Your unconscious, though?

That’s excellent at handling all the variables.

Its predictions aren’t perfect and the future is inherently unknowable. And it won’t predict random events, like tomorrow’s lotto numbers. But, goodness, you’d be amazed at what your unconscious knows about the decisions you haven’t made yet.

Assuming you ever listen to it, that is.

How do you dial up your inner odds-maker?

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