This night-owl now feels fresh after waking up

I’ve always been a good sleeper.

All my life, I’d expect to have two bad night a month, if that – where a ‘bad night’ is less than seven hours.

It’s the waking up part I’m not so good at.

It’s much easier for me to roll over and go back to sleep than it is to roll out of bed. Even after I’m awake, it’s nice to just lie there.

The most delicious thing in the world is to wake up and grab a book, without leaving the covers.

You might think it’s a shame – a real tragedy – that I’m out of bed and at my desk before most early birds. Hold your tears, please, it’s purely by choice.

It’s never easy. Each morning is a test of my commitment. Will I make it to my desk by 0430 and write?

I’m doing well so far.

Two things make it possible – even bearable – to be on my feet before the sun rises, even in summer.

The first is I love putting in a solid couple of hours of creative work at that time. Getting more done than most folks do all day, before they even wake, is even more delicious that a book in bed.

I’ve always enjoyed that but it was never enough before.

The second thing is giving myself a quick Neural Reset.

You’d think sleep would be great at refreshing your mind and body. Sure, except a few nights ago I had a weird, convoluted dream involving Mr. Burns, the remains of a cow, a domesticated tiger and a rented apartment.

Dreams are exhausting.

That’s what’s great about the Neural Reset. It gives you real rest, in a way that sleep doesn’t.

Now, it doesn’t replace your need to sleep. I wish it did.

But it supplements it beautifully.

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