No crash, no cost, no chemicals

Shall I compare a hypnotic trance to a psychedelic trip?

The psychedelic approach has a clear advantage. You take the drug and it all just happens for you – like that. With hypnosis, the first time will probably be gentle, pleasant and lightly surreal. Hypnosis can get as deep as a good trip, but it usually takes more practice to get there.

Your experience might vary, but that’s how it often goes.

So… you might as well take the easy way by taking the chemicals, right?


When you’re masterful with trances, you can slip in and out of them in moments. If you take a psychedelic, not so much. What happens if you begin, then you suddenly have an important job interview or you need to drive somewhere? With hypnosis, you can learn to put the experience on pause and come back to it later.

Even as a beginner, you can pull yourself out in a few moments.

At first, both will cost you – either a hypnotist’s time or a self-hypnosis product, or by purchasing the psychedelics. If you wisely invest in the hypnosis, you will learn to recreate the trances on your own.

There are no questionable additives or anything you’re allergic to with hypnosis. It’s all in your mind, which isn’t to say it’s all in your head. This makes it all natural – even more natural than a plant that’s grown in a greenhouse, processed, packaged, marketed and shipped to you.

Any idiot can put a compound into their body. Creating these experiences on your own is the mark of a true explorer of consciousness.

And that all begins by simply experiencing hypnosis. Even if you ‘can’t meditate’, it doesn’t matter. Even if your mind chatters the whole time, it doesn’t matter. You can and will enter a hypnotic trance.

Only if you sign up for Trance Day 2021, of course.

Here’s how:

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