What Norwegian hypnosis taught me about communication

What Norwegian hypnosis taught me about communication

Does a language barrier stop communication? It doesn’t have to. When you learn to communicate without conscious understanding, you become much more connected.

Of all the weirdest things that have ever happened to me, this is somewhere in the top half. When you start exploring your unconscious mind, strange things happen.


Bizarre coincidences.

Unusual physical and emotional reactions to things.

Enhanced perception.

These are all common side effects when you go deep inside your own mind. Your arm changes shape as it gets stronger and so does your mind.

Sometimes, you wind up with a mind so powerful, it’s practically a superpower.

About a year ago, I attended some hypnosis training in the States. This was a gruelling, intense training program, unlike anything else I’ve done. I walked away from it a completely different person.

(That can happen with an hour of hypnosis, let alone over a week of it.)

The other people on this training came from all over the world. Adding to the intensity were a blend of languages, cultures and backgrounds.

Did this create barriers between us?

Sure, at times.

At other times…?

I remember (because I’ll never forget this) when a Norwegian hypnotist stared at my with sharp focus…

… locked eyes with me…

… and said something in Norwegian.

I bubbled through the confusion, shook myself off and asked him what the most beautiful thing in Norway was.

He laughed and said, “I just told you – it’s the women!”

Was this a coincidence? Or, through hypnotic intensity and deep rapport, did I understand a language I’ve never learned a word of?

Who knows.

All I know is other people have had the same experience. When you’re in a trance state, you notice things unconsciously and you trust your observations.

Hypnosis won’t turn you into a universal translator but, for incredible, fleeting moments, it can supercharge your intuition and connection with someone.

And, really, that’s all you need to communicate.

If you think something is impossible, it probably isn’t. Your mind is more powerful than you ever dreamed. All it takes is a little training to begin to realise your strength.

And then you’ll experience so much power, most people won’t believe that’s possible either.

That’s how you start to really succeed.

You can embrace your inner resources by listening and running through some exercises here:


Photo by Yuriy Garnaev on Unsplash

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