What if you’re not addicted to smoking?

What if you’re not addicted to smoking?

Many smokers struggle to quit. They give it a go but go back to it. There are thousands of reasons to quit – your health is on the line, it drains money, you want to be there for your family, people pity smokers…

But it only takes one reason for people to fall back into it.

I get smoking is a hard thing to stop doing.

What if it’s not like they say it is, though?

People will tell you it’s an addiction. Nicotine does strange things to your neurochemistry. Cutting off the supply messes with the very foundations of your mind…!

Eh, I’m not convinced that’s true.

I mean, it’s a factor. I’m not going to pretend going cold turkey is no big deal. But what if smoking isn’t an addiction? What if it’s nothing more than a habit?

After all, what are the hardest parts of quitting? It’s all the little rituals you’re used to. Having a cigarette and beer with mates. Lighting up when you get home. Giving your hands something to do while you think.

That’s not nicotine. That’s you.

It’s the best news you’ll hear all day. You can’t change chemistry, but you can change yourself.

Change the habit from the inside out and you’ll change the way you think about it. Quitting becomes easy. Sure, you’ll have withdrawals – you can ride those out with no problems. Without the rest of the habit in your way, it won’t even be the toughest thing you do that week.

You’re plenty strong enough to break a habit. Your body will handle the chemical side of things.

If you face smoking head on, you can beat it. It’ll tax your willpower though.

Or you could delete the habit and replace it with something better.

Some people go through hypnosis once then never touch a cigarette again. They never even want to. Others have to work at it.

But it beats going about it alone.

To remove the smoking habit and really show people how easy quitting is for you, check out this link:


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