Not just another thing for you to do

Not just another thing for you to do

How much do you think you need to do each day? There are billions of people to forge relationships with. There are trillions of hobbies, exercises and opportunities out there. Go sample them all – you won’t find your passion until you do.

And don’t forget to take time for yourself.

It’s like those morning programs – you know the ones I mean. A panel of people interview whoever they can find, spruiking the next latest fad. Some of those fads are even worthwhile. The problem is that there’s just so many of them.

I love that parody of those shows that some of my fellow Aussies have seen. The guest introduces them to night gardening, which is just like regular gardening only you can’t see anything.

The session ends with one of the hosts saying, “there, another f**king thing for you to f**king do.”

That line cracks me up every time. Sure, there’s more that you could be doing… but you can’t do most of it. Keep cramming things into your life and something’s gonna give.

Unless, of course, you choose your projects wisely.

It’s worth spending some time on something that gives you time back. Or money. Or a greater sense of ease, energy and focus.

A smart thing is to focus on things that create the greatest benefit. If you love photography, then spend a day with a camera. If you have kids, then set aside time for them.

Those are good choices.

What are even better choices?

There are practices in this world that enhance every part of your day. Spending 20 minutes on the right thing can supercharge the other twenty-three-point-six-repeater hours.

The benefits of the best practices keep working… even when you sleep.

And they help when you have a bad day.

(Or a good one.)

Most people know that meditation does all of this. And much, much more. If you could spend $20 to earn $1400, you’d do it. So why not spend 20 minutes to enhance over 1,400 minutes of your time?

It sounds like a no-brainer…

Except that meditation “doesn’t work” for everyone.

Bah, I say. If you can sleep, then you can meditate. You just need to learn techniques that work.

Whether you mind is noisy or quiet… and your body is twitchy or still… or you’re focused or not…

You can always learn how.

Everything you need is right here:

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