Not living the life of your dreams yet?

Do you have dreams, ambitions or plans?

Do you intend to become more than what you are?

I sure hope so. Life is tension between growing and fading. If you give up on growing, that just leaves the other half.

If you want to live a greater life than you do now, then the big question is this:

Who do you need to become to make living that life easy?

Take a moment to think about that question.

Or don’t. It’s a big question – maybe too big to be useful. If you’re not in a place to sink your teeth into something that amorphous, then you can dismiss it as the pointless, abstract ramblings of a lunatic.

So let’s focus on a more reasonable question:

In order to live the life of your dreams, what skills do you need?

That’s easy to answer if you have a clear vision of your perfect future. If not, you might still have an inkling. Either way, it’s easier to think about what you’ll do than who you’ll be.

(Which is curious in itself, but never mind…)

Here’s the process for living your ultimate life:

1) Find a list of skills you need to learn,

2) Learn ‘em.

Simple, and you’re welcome.

Okay, okay. That’s not so straightforward.

Let me at least help you out with step #2.

There are times when your inner genius comes out and your mind switches on. When this happens, it’s like you can learn anything. What you read and hear goes into your memory vaults, connecting with everything else you already know.

Learning becomes easy – both comprehension and retention.

Where does that leave you? Hoping that you’ll enter this state when you learn what you need to learn?

Bah. Hope is a pleasant feeling – to really get the outcome, you need to take action.

So take action and train your mind how to learn:

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