When not quitting smoking is better for your health

When not quitting smoking is better for your health

Many ex-smokers went through a transition like this: they were a smoker but didn’t want to be, so they quit. They struggled and fought and resisted until it became easier to not smoke.

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who simply stopped one day.

For most people, it’s not that simple.

It’s a strange improvement though. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a definite improvement.

And not an easy one to make.

Still, here’s why it’s unusual:

Smokers feel they have no choice. They want to quit but they struggle to.

Ex-smokers also don’t have a choice. They can’t let themselves smoke or they’ll risk falling back into old habits.

What makes it strange is, while not smoking is much better for you, so is having options. When you have choices, you don’t have to fight yourself or resist the wrong options. You can do whatever works for you.

This makes the best possible strategy being able to smoke, but never doing it. You become like people who have never smoked – they don’t resist the urges because they don’t have any.

How do you get to be this way?

Well, I make no guarantees.

But your odds improve sharply when you approach quitting the right way.

You can fight a habit – and keep on fighting it – or you could transform it from the inside.

Patches and e-cigarettes don’t do this, but hypnosis can. And you might get to the stage where you could have a smoke and not think anything of it. It doesn’t appeal to you, nor does it fill you with guilt. You simply choose not to continue.

That makes quitting as easy as not doing something should be.

You can read all about how hypnosis can transform, delete and corrupt this habit here:


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