It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

Here’s a free tip for you: if you’re uncomfortable about emailing people three, five or seven times a week – if not more – then get comfortable.

A while ago, my inbox became unmanageable. I went on a mass unsubscribe of gaming emails. Every time one arrived, I opted out.

I still get the occasional gaming email, from people who haven’t emailed me in years.

Don’t do this. Please, please, don’t spend years in silence. Email hard and email often. Your list should hear from you every day or two.

Isn’t that annoying? Aren’t you spamming them?

Nah, and here’s why:

They subscribed to your list and can unsubscribe at any time.

Some people like to send one email a month, but think about it. They want to hear from you. That’s why they handed over their contact details. At once a month, most people will have to wait for weeks to get what they want.

At one email per week, they still have to wait for days.

The moment they sign up is when they are most enthusiastic. Use that enthusiasm. Don’t let it fizzle out because you didn’t nurture the relationship.

It’s rude and selfish to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Because, remember, every email you send has tremendous value. Don’t you dare deprive your audience of something so precious.

When you contact them every day or so, you stay at the front of their minds. When you add value every day or so, they become better people.

All it costs them is a minute or so to read your words. No one who finds that too difficult or spammy is someone you want to work with anyway.

If your decision is between quantity and quality, choose both. Overwhelm your clients with consistent value. Deliver, deliver and deliver some more. They’ll love you for it.

At least, the wise ones will. Everyone else will filter themselves from your list so hard the internet will shudder. And that’s good. Let them leave. Because while you want quality and quantity with your emails, quality wins when talking about your subscribers.

Use their impatience against them, and may the best clients stand.

I write every day – I definitely practice what I preach here. From writing to publishing, it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Not long at all, for such a fantastic return on my time.

Still, I have a few advantages. I love writing and I’ve done it for a long time. And coming up with so many ideas is easy.

Not everyone can say the same, and that’s okay. But that’s not an excuse to skimp on your contact. This is your chance to either learn or outsource.

If you want to go for the latter, consider my articles my portfolio. Emails like this could show up in your clients’ inboxes in no time.

Only if you contact me and say hi:

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