The objections to Monster Mind Edukaré that don’t apply

A key objection to Monster Mind Edukaré:

It takes a lot of time – and that might not be something you have.

By ‘a lot of time’, mistake me not – I designed it to be a slow burn. If you take a few weeks off to blitz through the content, you won’t get much out of it. If you chip away at it, every other day, over months or years, you’ll get more than you can imagine.

But that requires something even rarer than time:


When someone says they don’t think they have enough time for one of my programs, they might be right. They might be busier than CEOs and Prime Ministers who, if they wanted to, could complete Edukaré.

CEOs and PMs have certain advantages, like support staff. They don’t have to pick up their dry cleaning, for example.

So it’s possible.

But whether it’s time or discipline holding you back, it doesn’t have to hold you back for a moment longer.


Every module reinforces your discipline by expanding your mind and getting you results. There’s nothing more motivating than progress, after all.

But because that’s not enough, I use the written word to hypnotise you to be more motivated and disciplined in module 01 (the IGNITE System) and module 11 (ReIGNITE).

Yeah, it’s so important I focus on this twice and right from the start.

As for not having time…?

Enter module 13.

Minutes might be relentless and inflexible, short of near-lightspeed voyages, but time is up for negotiation. Take one hour versus four hours – which has more time in it? It sounds like the dumbest trick question. Obviously, the four hours.

Except there have been times where an hour felt longer than four.

And where you achieved more in one hour than in the next four that ticked by.

If it felt longer and you did more… doesn’t that mean you had more time in it?

“Not literally!” says the pedant.

“Who cares, pedant?” says the wise realist. “More time is more time!”

What will you do with it?

I look forward to when you find out:

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