Too obsessive? Not obsessive enough? Here’s the antidote

Too obsessive? Not obsessive enough? Here’s the antidote

You should always be highly suspicious of anything that makes contradictory claims. There are no shoes that make you both taller and shorter. There’s no energy drink that calms you down, too.

How can one treatment, say, both raise and lower blood pressure? That’s not how medicine works.

At least, that’s what I used to believe.

But I know one thing that both energises and calms you. And it increases your blood pressure if it’s low, but lowers it if it’s high.

Scratch that – I know of several.

Relaxation, a good night’s sleep and sharing a meal with friends will do all of that.

And so will a nice hypnotic trance.

It’s also perfect if you’re not the right amount of obsessive.

If you’re too fixated on one thing, it smooths your awareness. It’s like plugging back in to reality, with all your senses fully engages and all your thoughts flowing nicely.

If you’re not focused enough… well, anyone who’s experienced hypnosis will tell you how focused you become.

It’s the perfect way to balance your mind. Whatever you need more of, or less of, is what your trance creates.

This is your chance to experience that. And it won’t cost you any more than you want to pay.

The theme for March is resilience, because when you’re better balanced, everything becomes easier. A car with proper alignment drives much further than one with wonky axles.

All you need to do is follow this link and sample whatever you want:

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