Have you tried turning you off and on again?

Have you tried turning you off and on again?

No, not in that way – get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about how sometimes you just need a break – a mental reset. When your thoughts swirl in all directions and your energy levels are all over the place, sometimes a quick nap fixes everything.

A ten minute snooze can create hours of calm, focus and productivity.

So my hardly-original suggestion is to take siestas when you feel you could use one.


Well, most office jobs still frown upon sleeping at your desk. Even the organisations that go on about people being important assets (shudder) won’t let you go to sleep now and then.

Or if you spend your day looking after kids, a nap is impractical – an unthinkable luxury.

If you work outdoors, maybe you can wrangle a snooze. Maybe not.

The point is, sure, you might want a nap… but that’s not the same as being able to close your eyes and drift off, even for ten minutes.

So here’s my more-original take on this tried and true advice:

Close your eyes, enter a self-hypnotic trance, spend a moment or two there, then return.

No matter what your circumstances, you can probably get away with 30 seconds of inward focus here and there. I’d say this is around 80% to 90% as effective as an amazing nap, only in a fraction of the time.

And you could do this five times an hour if you wanted.

Plus you’ll avoid any post-nap fogginess that sometimes sets in.

Also, it won’t disrupt your main sleep at night. If anything, you’ll sleep deeper having tried this.

That’s my free advice for today.

My not-so-free advice?

How to enter a hypnotic trance in the first place.

Especially that quickly. I once read someone bragging about their self-hypnosis system that lets you, with practice, enter a trance in about ten minutes.

If you take your time, my approach takes ten seconds.

Often much, much less.

I’m not saying I’ve made naps obsolete.

Then again, maybe I have.

But even if I haven’t, is this something you want to do anything with but grab it with both hands?

So if you want to truly rest and recover throughout each day, you’d better wander over to this page as fast as you can soon trance-nap:


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