Hit that offer with Unstoppable Speed

Hit that offer with Unstoppable Speed

The pointy end of any sales letter is the offer. This is where, after seducing and persuading your potential client, they have the chance to take action.

By this stage, some of them want what you offer. Some of them need it. A few are curious enough to give you a go and see what happens.

But no matter what, it’s never as simple as saying ‘buy now’. Crafting a good offer is a delicate artform – up there in importance with the headline and first few paragraphs.

If you get everything else right but make mistakes here, you’ll still convert some readers to clients. It sure will cost you, though.

Think of the rest of the sales letter as having emotional momentum. Something heavy travelling fast is a tough thing to stop… but an easy thing to derail.

It’s like Unstoppable – that new Netflix drama about a runaway train. If you don’t slow down at sharp bends, you risk coming off the rails. Or, to go classic, it’s like Speed, where a baby-faced Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock almost flip a bus… and do flip a subway train.

Craft that offer wrong and everything comes apart.

It’s important that you tie the offer to your letter’s key idea. Remind them of everything they stand to gain by meeting your terms.

Make it a clear call to action, too. Something like:

“Click here to learn the secret to finally losing weight.”

Really tie it to your potential client’s dreams and desires.

There’s more to it than that, though.

A big thing is that you want to make it as easy as possible.

Click the link, enter your details and done.

Then send them an automated email with all the information they need.

Treat each hassle, obstacle or step in the process as a kink in the rail. It’s a place where you will lose clients, guaranteed. Every inconvenience is a place where they ask themselves why they are bothering to do this. And with those questions comes that little voice in their head.

You know the one. Some call it the critical factor. It’s the one that doubts everything and wants to keep everything the same.

You probably bypassed the critical factor – if not, they wouldn’t reach your offer. But it’s never far away, so don’t invite it back in.

It takes smooth, seamless design to keep it at bay.

Engineer your offers with care.

Even better, outsource it and get on with your day. That way you can enjoy the benefits and your free time.

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