The old joke, made real

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

“I just completed a ten-day cleanse. I was so good at it, I finished in three hours!”

Yeah, yeah – hilarious, I know.

But what if it wasn’t a joke?

What if you could complete hours of meditation in a fraction of the time?

I’m revealing something cool in a week or two that answers that.

In the meantime…

You’ll get the most out of everything I offer – including my books – if you enjoy a Neural Reset every now and then.

Just like how the best way to run 20 km is to learn to run five…

… my upcoming thing that’ll give you a weekend’s worth of meditation in a few hours will work better if you have a Neural Reset first.

That and all the usual benefits, of course.

It’s not essential, but it’ll help.

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