The One Choice That Changes Everything

The One Choice That Changes Everything

There’s one principle from unconscious psychology that is beyond powerful. Even if this is the only thing you learn from me, you’ll quickly grow happier, wealthier, more productive and healthier.

You can use this to correct minor foibles or completely overhaul your life.

And it works in any domain – whether you’re an athlete, business professional or someone looking for love.

Do this and you’ll start spotting opportunities. It’ll feel like magic, as if the universe is responding to your desires. These chances were always there but, for the first time, you start to pay attention.

It all comes down to a choice that anyone can make at any time.

The simplest and most powerful decision:

What do you choose to focus on right now?

Because in unconscious psychology, the Law of Attention says that whatever you focus on is what you get more of.

Pay attention to the good things and you get more of them. Focus on the bad and… well, you can get more of that, too.

This isn’t some empty philosophy telling you to “think positive!”

It’s solid psychology telling you to pay attention, right now, to what’s working.

There are people who choose to focus on the negative. They criticise everything and everyone. An hour in their presence can make you want to punch something. They poke holes in every idea and explain how every achievement is really a failure.

And the strange thing is that these people are miserable.

Shouldn’t they be happy? After all, in their minds, everything around them is broken. This makes them the lone hero, the voice of reason.

It makes them better than everyone else.

But no, they are bitter and miserable.

That’s because they actively seek out (or create) negativity, so they wind up with more of it.

They focus on the bad stuff, so more bad stuff happens.

Don’t be this person.

Then there are the genuinely joyful.

They see beauty and opportunity everywhere.

I’m not talking about being naïve or overly saccharine. When bad stuff happens, they accept it. But they choose to focus elsewhere.

In their mind, the world is full of amazing people doing great things. Isn’t it humbling, even demoralising to live this way?

It turns out it’s empowering. Focus on empowerment and that’s what you get.

This choice you make with your conscious mind trains your unconscious. What you focus on teaches your mind what you want. If you pay attention to your successes in romance, then you’ll follow opportunities to get more.

If you fixate on your failures, then it’s time to rethink your mental strategy.

A practical strategy is to choose three times per day – morning, lunch and just before bed. Review your day and notice what worked. Pay attention to what you did right. If you made mistakes, then focus on what you can learn or what you did right within the mistake.

Do this until it becomes a habit.

Then follow the habit until it becomes your way of seeing the world.

This is the simplest mind training that you can do. Appreciate that its simplicity is a feature and do it.

It will lay the foundations for more advanced exercises.

Like those that Awakened Thought subscribers receive each month.

Take action to focus on your successes now:

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