One gland to rule them all

One gland to rule them all

Imagine someone offered you a pill. This pill, they say, is a new miracle drug. If you’re a man, it boosts testosterone (in a safe and healthy way). If you’re a woman, it boosts fertility and milk production. For everyone, it improves blood pressure, and it’s sophisticated enough to lower it when it’s too high and raise it when it’s too low. It also helps you lose weight and keep it off, reduces bloating and improves your overall appearance.

Oh, and it blocks pain. Don’t worry, it’s not addictive.

Well, I hope you would scoff at them. No pill could do all of this – especially since half of it contradicts the other half. They’re selling snake oil.

But let’s say that they proved it. They have scientific studies, client testimonials, celebrity endorsements and medical experts verifying that, yes, this pill does work.

It sounds impossible but this miracle is real.

And somehow it’s affordable too. A day’s dosage costs about what a few cups of coffee do.

What would you do?

You should turn them down. These pills are overpriced. How can a miracle drug be overpriced?

When you can get the benefits for free.

Tucked in near the hypothalamus is the pituitary gland. This part of your brain regulates every other gland in your body. In other words, it controls the hormone levels in your body. That makes it a very powerful little gizmo. The mind and body of your dreams are just a few hormone tweaks away.

Okay, but just because the pituitary gland is in the brain, that doesn’t mean that you can control it. Simply thinking ‘I want to be taller’ won’t kick your growth hormones into overdrive. Can your thoughts influence the pituitary gland at all?

They sure can.

Certain hormones constantly trickle through your bloodstream, like your sex hormones. Others wax and wane in time, like melatonin. Then there’s adrenaline. If your thoughts register fear and danger, your blood chemistry changes immediately. Adrenaline floods your system in seconds and can drain away in minutes.

Maybe you can’t consciously control this process.

But all the best bits are unconscious processes anyway.

Hypnosis is the gateway into your inner mind. With practice and a clear intention, you can reach your control panel. You can easily and safely adjust your internal parameters. If something is throwing your inner state off balance, you can regain control and reset to a healthier balance. This is one of the reasons why your brain evolved to enjoy hypnosis – it hands back power to the user.

Your brain governs your body. If you let it, it will govern you too. Or you can decide that you want to take control of your own experience. Nothing beats the hypnotic experience for a fun, effective way to change what other people think is unchangeable. Seize control via the link below:

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