Reverse the Ongoing Covid Catastrophe

Many folks with chronic health conditions will tell you:

The illness isn’t the worst part.

Maybe they’re sick and sore all the time, but they could live with that. It’s everything else that grinds them down.

Things like:

Fear and Uncertainty – how do you plan for the future – how do you even have hope – when you don’t know what the future holds? Maybe everything will be fine in a month… maybe it’ll be much worse… either way, there’s nothing to anchor your plans to.

Betrayal and Violation – chronic health concerns are usually caused by something tiny. A growth smaller than a pea, a few misfiring genes… or a virus so small, you can’t even see it. Something that tiny only hurts you once it’s inside you, changing the way your body works from the inside.

It’s a scary concept – more horrifying than most horror movie villains.

Fragility – people, maybe even yourself, start thinking of you as delicate.

As if you can’t handle the real world anymore – not without layers of protective clothing, ready to fend off every bump, scratch and bruise. People coddle you, declaring you’re unfit for even the simplest of tasks.

They remind you you’re so weak, a normal day could kill you. Even when that’s true, that’s more cruel than it is kind.

Dehumanisation – many folks report a loss of identity.

Insurance companies see you as an annoying expense.

Doctors see you as a list of symptoms.

Worse – friends and family see you as the victim.

You’re not a person with the condition – you become the condition, using a person to walk around in.

Bye Bye, Coping Mechanisms – how did you used to blow off steam?

Jogging by the lake?

Going out with friends?


Many folks with chronic conditions lose all of these, right when they need them the most.

Which leads to…

Boredom and Loneliness – when you feel both uncertain about the future and bored by the present, it’s a perfect storm for misery.

Finances – with less money coming in, you’re trapped by more than just the condition.

Flow-on Effects – by feeling more stress, doing less exercise, feeling less hope, getting less sunlight and interacting with fewer people, this style of living can create new health problems.

Of course, if you’re at least reasonably healthy, you don’t have to worry about any of this…


Ha! That used to be true…

Until society started treating you like you’re chronically sick.

That List of Problems Looks Awfully Familiar, Right?

For the past few months, you – no matter how healthy you are – are being treated as though you’re chronically sick.

The lockdowns and restrictions – which were supposed to last two weeks to “flatten the curve” – will last until… when? The virus goes away? We get a vaccine for it? I honestly don’t know what the plan is…

And no one knows when the end is coming.

You’re told to fear everything – crowds, surfaces, door handles…

Everyone is a threat to you and you to them. Yes, everyone – even if they have no symptoms.

Everywhere you look, there’s a reminder that your body is – or at least could be – under attack by violating and dangerous invisible entities. There’s no escaping it.

Businesses are closing. Heck, entire industries are closing – how are cinemas going to survive this? Don’t care about movies? Fine, but do you care about all the people they – and all the other industries – employ?

How long will your paycheque keep coming in with the world like this… assuming you’re lucky enough to have a job?

Socialising is down, exercising is down, many of the best ways of coping with the bullshit of the world have gone. But, hey, at least you still have video games, booze and porn, right?

All of this is true… even if the lockdowns make sense.

Even if the lockdowns save more lives than they cost, save the economy more than they damage it, and are the wisest decision our leaders have ever made…

… at best, that makes them the lesser of two evils. It still did – and continues to do – tremendous damage to you. Not just ‘the economy’ or ‘culture’ or ‘businesses’, but you.

This wasn’t some choice between the bank accounts of fat cats and the public health. This was a lose-lose situation… which means you lost.

How to Recover Your Sense of Self

If your senses of self-worth, self-esteem and self-awareness have taken a hit in 2020, you’re not alone.

The lockdowns came and have kinda sorta half-gone in some places. But while the government locked you in your own home – whether it was for the greater good or not – what did they do to help you through that?

Some increased funding for suicide prevention hotlines? Because, yeah, they needed that.

But what about for the rest of us?

What advice did they offer the common person to get them through this?

“Be sure to exercise somehow… and treat every person and object like it’s radioactive!”

You might not even recognise you have a problem… or all the problems I mentioned above.

Even if you spotted it, what could you do about it?

They’ve had months to do the right thing and offer some real resources to everyone. Something for the typical person who finds life that much more confusing, uncertain and lacking in direction.

The government won’t, of course. They’ll only offer more problems and platitudes.

So here I am, stepping into the void. If you think you’re suffering from serious mental health issues from all this, please talk to a medical professional. If you’re feeling frustrated, scared and on edge, these will help you:

Personal Responsibility

The world has thrown you a curveball. You probably want to work, want to do right by yourself and others, but you can’t.

That sucks.

And it’s tempting to blame the government for the lockdowns, blame China for the virus, blame the idiots who keep spreading it through irresponsible behaviour…

That’s not helpful, though.

The only thing you can do is take responsibility for you.

Do what you can, right now, to make your situation better.


It can feel like this has gone on long enough. You’re ready to get back out there and rebuild your health, your finances, your social life and your sense of self.

That frustration is understandable but, ultimately, it’s eating you alive.

More than ever, it pays to breathe, relax and be patient.


You’ve endured this much.

For many, the worst is behind us.

All that you need to do is keep on enduring. Your choice is between staying on track and giving up… and giving up is no choice at all.

This situation is tough.

You’re tougher.


In 2019, the world needed you to pursue your purpose. You could offer so much more than you were.

In 2020, with the world tipped sideways, we need you even more.

And this might be exactly what you need to keep your mind strong and intact. There’s nothing like chasing your Vision to forget all the bullshit distractions in your life.


Anxiety is sky-high right now, especially among young people.

That’s what happens when you saturate folks with fear, while cutting them off from their coping mechanisms.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Confidence is your birthright.

Reclaim it.


Are you less productive and more distracted than last year?

I was… until I remembered the lessons here. Now, I’m more productive than ever.

Cut through the mental clutter and make your mark on the people in your life again.

Speaking of…


Have you forgotten what it’s like to have a deep, meaningful conversation – the sort that clears the cobwebs from your mind and reminds you of new vistas to see from?

Video chats are fine, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.

If you’re feeling cut off, isolated and lonely, this is your next step. Stop fearing others and remember how to fully engage with people – they’re greatest resource you can have right now.


Do you avoid certain situations, like crowds, because you want to do your part?

If so, great.

But do you do it because normal things like going outside make you anxious?

If you see the world as being a darker, scarier and more dangerous place than before… well, that’s no way to live your life.

Follow your light, not your fear, by reversing these new issues. Reclaim your power over your own life.

Your Resources for Rebuilding are Right Here

I have a hypnotic guided meditation on each of these topics.

All you have to do is listen.

Even if you ‘can’t meditate’ or ‘can’t be hypnotised’, it doesn’t matter. All it takes is for you to listen to each, with clear intentions and without distractions.

Each is about ten minutes long – perfect for when you need a quick break from it all.

Together, these hypnotic audios form The 8P System.

If I sold it, I’d charge $49 for the set – a great deal for something you can use for the rest of your life… especially when the next crisis looms.

You can put away your credit card, though. All you need to do to get them is sign up to my email list. Then you can download and listen to these immediately.

I sent my list many emails, it’s true… but I won’t sell your details. If it ever gets too much, you can leave at any time. You have nothing to lose here.

Whether you stay or not, you can use and keep The 8P System and start rebuilding all you’ve lost right here:



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