Only capitalism leads to leisure

Because socialist messages trend on social media – for whatever reason – I’ve seen a lot of this sentiment recently:

“The ‘always be hustling’ mentality is a lie perpetrated by your capitalist masters, who want you to work yourself to death enriching them. You’re not supposed to work 80 hour weeks!”

Well, I agree with the sentiment. Leisure is good. Giving evil corporate overlords your best time and energy is bad.

But blaming capitalism is like when a pet in a burning building attacks the person trying to save them.

Yes, plenty of people work crazy hours in jobs they hate… making someone else rich… advancing causes they don’t support… and missing out on what matters to them, like education, family and community service.

You know what, though?

Many people don’t.

Many people start their own businesses, invest sensibly, save wisely, work flexibly and build their dream lifestyles.

Doing so is capitalism.

If capitalism were the problem, then I reckon you would have loved working in a Soviet factory. Did you know Stalin banned weekends? Everyone got a day off each week, but it was a different day for everyone – that way the factories would never have downtime.

Neither would the workers – how relaxing is a day off where you have to spend it alone, because everyone else is at work?

(Before you say ‘very’, remember that this was pre-internet and they probably didn’t own many decent books.)

And the workers’ prospects of feeding themselves through starting a business were approximately zero.

Funny, that.

Yet people still blame capitalism for something that’s worse in its real-world alternatives. Yes, we can and should design a better system, but let’s not overlook how good we’ve got it.

Say what you will about capitalism, but at least the typical person has the chance to escape the rat race.

You can build your wealth, free up your time or – if you’re smart, talented, hard-working and/or ambitious enough – you can do both at once.

How, though?

You probably have an idea for a business.

Maybe even more than one.

Have you taken the plunge, though?

Have you begun your idea – or are you putting it off til ‘someday’?

Someday is never.

That’s when the perfect time to start will be, too.

So start now.

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