What if mindfulness is the opposite of what you need?

What if mindfulness is the opposite of what you need?

Many people, me included, talk about the benefits of mindfulness. Of all the meditation disciplines out there, it’s probably the best one to start with. There are more powerful ones, sure, but mindfulness is a core skill.

Besides, it has plenty of benefits on its own.


What if mindfulness isn’t the answer?

What if what you need, right now, is something completely different?

Let’s say you’re struggling at work because it doesn’t have the zest it once did. Or maybe you always hated this job.

Then again, your problem might be you’re self-employed but going nowhere. You need to work harder, lift your sales game or find a product that sizzles, but it ain’t happening.

Or you’re stuck in a tedious cycle of dating, rejection, dating, rejection…

Will mindfulness help?

Sure – it’ll take the unpleasantness out of any of that. You train your mind to pay attention to what is, here and now. Your doubts stop draining your mental energy as you focus on the situation.

And maybe that’s enough to solve the problem.

Then again, maybe it isn’t.

Because what if you need more of the good stuff, not less of the bad stuff?

Well, then your answer isn’t with mindfulness – it’s with daydreaming.

Yep, good ol’ fashioned mind wandering, fantasising and zoning out.

With a little twist, of course. Without self-hypnosis, daydreaming is running away from your problems. With self-hypnosis, it becomes training for your mind.

Your unconscious, conscious and everything in between, all learning how to succeed.

You can do what you need to do, or completely change your personality.

You’re in control.

And, like daydreaming, you can do it anywhere. Your next boring meeting might be the chance to sharpen your charisma, dream of new products, improve your energy and completely relax.

It’s like a virtual reality training room you carry with you.

Best of all, it’s fun.

And you can learn how to create your own here:


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