How to be optimistic without being stupid

How to be optimistic without being stupid

Optimism makes you happier, healthier, more successful, more productive and a simply better person to be around. It also makes you wildly leap into the unknown, crashing and burning, and ending up sleeping on your annoying colleague’s couch.

With the right mindset, you could radiate confidence and resilience. You meet every obstacle head on and crush your rivals.

With an almost identical mindset?

You strive for something you’re not ready for. You commit yourself, your time, your reputation and your money on a fool’s errand.

The best you can hope for is to fail quietly. And not the good sort of failure entrepreneurs bang on about – the sort that wrecks you more than it teaches you.

Worst case?

Same thing only public. There’s no hiding the scars from this trainwreck.

It’s quite the paradox, isn’t it? Is optimism a boon or a curse?

You don’t have to settle for it, though. Sure, optimism is a crazy ball of contradiction. Who cares? The question is how can we use it without it consuming us.

Treat optimism like a cunning demon from beyond human understanding. You wouldn’t summon one without learning how to bind it, no matter how much power it promised.

Here’s a demon-binding ritual I like to call the optimism pump:

(No pentagrams or goat blood necessary.)

Step 1: Start with optimism. Think of one thing you’d love to achieve in life. Think big, as if nothing will stop you. You’re not choosing your goal – you’re unveiling your destiny.

Step 2: Take a sharp swing towards pessimism. Think of three things that’ll try to stop you realising your destiny.

Step 3: Bam, back to optimism. Think of three strategies to prevent, minimise or sidestep these obstacles.

Step 4: Admire your list of nine things you can do to get you closer to your dreams. Then stop admiring them, get out there and do them.

Go on. Get!

There you have it, my gift to you. You can take the optimism pump and use it as is.

It’ll work well for some of you.

But to really use it…

And I mean really use it…

To feel a burning desire and blinding confidence towards your chosen destiny…

Well, you’d need to run the pump while in a trance. Otherwise how do you know it’s working?

Maybe you’re fooling yourself. After all, blind optimism feels the same as its enlightened cousin.

There’s no fooling your unconscious mind, though. It knows all your tricks. It listens even as you scheme. In the right state of trance, you’ll know – really know – that your optimism pump is purring like a kitten.

You can learn the secret sauce that makes this work as simply and easily as heading here:

Photo by Fati Laraí Lará on Unsplash

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