The other, other ultimate investment

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

So said Benjamin Franklin.

I have a lot of respect for the man and his accomplishments, but I have to disagree with him there.

Same with his stance on pros and cons lists. He thought they were useful, I think they’re breeding grounds for conscious self-delusion.

I’d love to debate him on that someday, once I overcome the slight logistical hurdle of him being buried since long before my birth.

What will I say to him?

Knowledge is great – I love knowledge.

But if you’re after an investment that pays the best interest… what about skills? After all, knowledge can sit in your head and gather dust. It can trip you up and slow you down.

Heck, it can be wrong.

A skill, tempered by experience though?

That gets results – and there lies value.

Knowledge… skills…

We can go even deeper than that, though.

What if you could learn something more fundamental than skills?

After all, telling you to develop your abilities isn’t the full answer. You then need to figure out what to learn and how to learn it. That takes clarity, self-awareness and a clear mind.

Have you ever tried learning something after arguing with your best friend? It’s not easy.

Once you understand who you are and what gets in your way, you can change it.

So you could invest in knowledge – what you know.

Or you can invest in skills – what you can do.

But why do that when you can invest in who you are?

With Monster Mind Edukaré, I show you how to go deep inside your own mind and fiddle with the settings. It doesn’t matter if you ‘can’t meditate’ or ‘already meditate’ – you haven’t experienced something like this before.

Make the ultimate investment in yourself right here:

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