Find what’s on the other side of paradox

Find what’s on the other side of paradox

I have a theory. It could be wrong, but I don’t know – it sure feels right.

My theory is that everything in life worth having comes from embracing a paradox.

For example, who doesn’t love the flow state? And yet how does it come to be? You’re both relaxed and focused at the same time.

And no, it’s not a ‘balanced’ state. You’re not halfway between relaxation and focus. You’re extremely relaxed and extremely focused.

I spent a lot of time writing. It’s taking something raw and inarticulate inside of me and slapping some words on it. The easier it is to write about, the worse the writing becomes.

Authority could come from being both trusted and feared.

These aren’t lukewarm, watered down states – they come from fully embracing two things that should be contradictions.

Yet somehow your brain makes it work.

How to you harness these mutually incompatible elements?

Not by trying to calculate it, measure it or use deductive logic.

You need a more reliable and more intuitive approach.

(Hmm – is that another paradox?)

You need to use the part of your brain that loves complexity. This part of you craves contradictions, chaos and paradoxes. It’s what makes sense out of a confusing and bizarre world.

And if you learn how to speak its language, everything makes more sense.

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