You can’t overload your unconscious

You can’t overload your unconscious

How many hypnosis audios can you (or should you) listen to in a day? It’s a simple question, surely. But if you think hypnotists agree about things like this, you haven’t spent time in our online communities.

Asking “are all trances hypnotic?” leads to a bizarre set of arguments and discussions. Most people agree on the principles, but few people agree on the definitions.

The question of what limits there are about listening to hypnosis audios is less controversial. It’s still plenty fascinating though.

My take on it is hypnosis is like playing videogames.

When do videogames become a problem?

When you play them too much to get on with your life.

It’s a question of time. Someone with ten hours spare each day can listen to as much as they want. Someone who has to sacrifice gym time to do it has tighter limits.

There’s a point where you’re listening instead of living. That’s when you’ve gone too far with it.

Not everyone agrees with that, though.

Another school of thought says the audios can conflict with each other. Or your unconscious will get “confused” by too much hypnosis.

Here’s why that’s nonsense:

If you could overload your unconscious with hypnosis, it would be fried all the time. It’s like trying to overwhelm the ocean with a sprinkler.

Think about what your unconscious does. It monitors every sensation in and out of your body. This is what takes raw data from vision, hearing and touch, figures out what it means and discards the irrelevant stuff.

It monitors your internal senses, too. Is that discomfort worth bringing to conscious attention? Are you thirsty enough to prompt action? It assesses things like this without stopping.

Your unconscious monitors your physical environment, looking for threats and opportunities. It monitors your social environment, looking for friends, foes and leaders. Part of it runs your heart, digestion and immune system.

It’s always running, even you’re asleep. After all, it’s the part of your mind that wakes you up when you hear a noise.

Your unconscious is an incredible calculation engine, handling trillions of complex operations.

… and it’s going to get confused by a few new suggestions?

I have a lot more faith in the mind than others seem to.

That’s why I offer a library of hypnosis audios. In practice, I recommend listening to one every day, following a new schedule I release each month.

If you want to listen to two (or three… or ten…) a day, then that’s your call. I trust your mind to handle it and get real, lasting benefits as your unconscious shuffles your inner dynamic.

You can find the library here:

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