Why I avoid the benefits of overly complicated inductions

One of the first products I created on this site was my self-hypnosis training program, Unlock the Vault.

Self-hypnosis is kind of the opposite of a lot of disciplines. Its learning curve is completely warped. It can be difficult to learn the basic principles – once you do, learning advanced tricks is relatively easy.

This means you can’t learn it the way you learn other things, which are easy to learn and difficult to master.

Well, “can’t” is a strong word.

But it’s painful.

I remember learning self-hypnotic inductions and I had no idea what was relevant and what wasn’t. I’d memorise complex procedures that, sure, would put me into a trance.

Unless they didn’t – then I wouldn’t know how to fix it.

And sometimes it would work better and faster than others.

No clue why.

Over time, I learned to streamline it.

To the point where, now, I can enter a trance simply by wanting to.

But it took a while to get there.

The advantage of these long, complex inductions is they’re more likely to work.

The disadvantage?


They’re long and complex.

That’s why I created a range of simple inductions. They’re simple enough that you can learn the principle and the technique at the same time. You see what works… and get an inkling for why it works at the same time.

And if one technique doesn’t work for you?

Well, one of the others will.

Master them all and you’ll know a lot more about self-hypnosis than most folk. And you, like me, will be able to ignore the techniques and build your own reliable ways to enter a trance.

And that’s just the first section.

The next two sections answer the question, what now? What can you do once you’re deep inside a trance?

The answers might not blow your mind, but they’ll certainly improve it.

But I recommend getting a wriggle on.

I’m about to relaunch my product line. Unlock the Vault won’t be available as a standalone product. I’m merging it into a grander, more ambitious suite of mind training products – one that’ll take you from where you are to having deep rapport with, and control over, your inner mind.

If that sounds like you, then watch this space.

Just know it’ll be much more expensive.

So if you’d like to learn self-hypnosis without worrying about everything else – for a fraction of the price, too – then you’d better download while the downloadin’s good.

Here’s the link:


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