Making a pact with a crossroads angel

I’m sure you know what it’s like to struggle with a big decision.

You spend ages agonising over which choice to make… then ages second-guessing your decision. You might even think about it years later and wonder about the paths you didn’t take.

No one can predict the future, obviously, so you won’t know the right choice until after you’ve made it. But what if you could choose the best option, based on everything you know at the time?

It won’t be perfect…

But it will be better than making a pros and cons list, rationalising your answer, then analysing and agonising over it for the rest of your life.

What do you do when you have a decision to make – when you’re standing at a crossroads?

Well, you apply logic and you do the calculations.

If you’re torn between a career of computer science and a career in calligraphy, it pays (literally) to wonder if that second one is even a career.

The funny thing about logic, though?

It’s handy at eliminating obviously unsuitable options, but not at picking the best one.

Because with most big decisions – which relationship to pursue, which city to move to, which job to take – logic and calculation won’t get you far. If you have simple criteria, like ‘whichever job pays the best’, then sure…

But how many of your decisions are ever that easy?

There are thousands of variables in any large, life-changing choice – and you do well to calculate ten of them. When you settle on a job, you can’t know everything about the commute, the office, your colleagues, your projects, your food options…

You know what can track that many variables?

Your unconscious.

While your conscious mind is reading this, your unconscious is regulating your entire body, processing your senses, adding this to your memories, scanning the environment for threats, keeping your muscles (including your heart) firing in precise sequences and everything else you do that you aren’t aware of.

It juggles a lot of things at once, because it has to.

That’s why your gut instincts can be spot on. You can look at a date and know they’re not the right person for you… without ever knowing why.

But your gut isn’t perfect.

What if your instincts are being a little too quiet about this?

How do you know your instincts aren’t following some old prejudice against brunettes because one bullied you as a kid?

That’s where my Crossroads Training comes in. I teach you how to listen to your instincts and get clear about which option is your best.

Again, this doesn’t predict the future so there are no guarantees.

Except that choosing what your gut tells you is not only the best option – you’ll choose it with less uncertainty, less second-guessing, greater clarity and much more enthusiasm.

What would it be worth to you to finally commit to a choice?

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