This night-owl now feels fresh after waking up

I’ve always been a good sleeper.

All my life, I’d expect to have two bad night a month, if that – where a ‘bad night’ is less than seven hours.

It’s the waking up part I’m not so good at.

It’s much easier for me to roll over and go back to sleep than it is to roll out of bed. Even after I’m awake, it’s nice to just lie there.

The most delicious thing in the world is to wake up and grab a book, without leaving the covers.

You might think it’s a shame – a real tragedy – that I’m out of bed and at my desk before most early birds. Hold your tears, please, it’s purely by choice.

It’s never easy. Each morning is a test of my commitment. Will I make it to my desk by 0430 and write?

I’m doing well so far.

Two things make it possible – even bearable – to be on my feet before the sun rises, even in summer.

The first is I love putting in a solid couple of hours of creative work at that time. Getting more done than most folks do all day, before they even wake, is even more delicious that a book in bed.

I’ve always enjoyed that but it was never enough before.

The second thing is giving myself a quick Neural Reset.

You’d think sleep would be great at refreshing your mind and body. Sure, except a few nights ago I had a weird, convoluted dream involving Mr. Burns, the remains of a cow, a domesticated tiger and a rented apartment.

Dreams are exhausting.

That’s what’s great about the Neural Reset. It gives you real rest, in a way that sleep doesn’t.

Now, it doesn’t replace your need to sleep. I wish it did.

But it supplements it beautifully.

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Making a pact with a crossroads angel

I’m sure you know what it’s like to struggle with a big decision.

You spend ages agonising over which choice to make… then ages second-guessing your decision. You might even think about it years later and wonder about the paths you didn’t take.

No one can predict the future, obviously, so you won’t know the right choice until after you’ve made it. But what if you could choose the best option, based on everything you know at the time?

It won’t be perfect…

But it will be better than making a pros and cons list, rationalising your answer, then analysing and agonising over it for the rest of your life.

What do you do when you have a decision to make – when you’re standing at a crossroads?

Well, you apply logic and you do the calculations.

If you’re torn between a career of computer science and a career in calligraphy, it pays (literally) to wonder if that second one is even a career.

The funny thing about logic, though?

It’s handy at eliminating obviously unsuitable options, but not at picking the best one.

Because with most big decisions – which relationship to pursue, which city to move to, which job to take – logic and calculation won’t get you far. If you have simple criteria, like ‘whichever job pays the best’, then sure…

But how many of your decisions are ever that easy?

There are thousands of variables in any large, life-changing choice – and you do well to calculate ten of them. When you settle on a job, you can’t know everything about the commute, the office, your colleagues, your projects, your food options…

You know what can track that many variables?

Your unconscious.

While your conscious mind is reading this, your unconscious is regulating your entire body, processing your senses, adding this to your memories, scanning the environment for threats, keeping your muscles (including your heart) firing in precise sequences and everything else you do that you aren’t aware of.

It juggles a lot of things at once, because it has to.

That’s why your gut instincts can be spot on. You can look at a date and know they’re not the right person for you… without ever knowing why.

But your gut isn’t perfect.

What if your instincts are being a little too quiet about this?

How do you know your instincts aren’t following some old prejudice against brunettes because one bullied you as a kid?

That’s where my Crossroads Training comes in. I teach you how to listen to your instincts and get clear about which option is your best.

Again, this doesn’t predict the future so there are no guarantees.

Except that choosing what your gut tells you is not only the best option – you’ll choose it with less uncertainty, less second-guessing, greater clarity and much more enthusiasm.

What would it be worth to you to finally commit to a choice?

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“Conspiracy theory”-style change resistance

I like to say that the smartest thing the conspirators ever did was flood the world with bad conspiracy theories.

Now, when you talk about a reasonable conspiracy – say, a cabal of bankers and politicians illegally colluding to line their pockets – some folks look at you as if you brought up the alien reptilian shadow government’s plot to brainwash Jack Ruby into assassinating Lincoln.

It makes every conspiracy theory, especially the nonsense ones, part of my meta conspiracy theory.

The world has gotten to the point, though, where you’d have to be crazy to not look for the hidden, sinister agenda. Just consider Instagram’s new terms of service – what do they claim that’s in service of? ‘Psychological research’ or something – but totally not spying on you through every device you own.

Don’t question it or you’ll sound crazy though…


I love a good conspiracy theory. It can be a fun mental exercise to find a common explanation for five unrelated events.

And just the fact these theories exist tells you something about human nature.

How we see patterns in random noise, love a good narrative and have an innate sense of dramatic balance – where big events must have equally big causes.


JFK was a flesh-and-blood human, like any other. A lone individual could put a bullet in him and end his life.

But the President isn’t a person – they’re a force of nature, or at least of government. Presidents wield much more power and are much more famous than some mere citizen. So how could a regular old person defeat such a mighty force?

Intellectually, everyone knows that sometimes stuff happens.

Political power ain’t physical power.

Emotionally, though, it might not make sense. It feels like it takes an equal or greater force to take down a President. Otherwise, it’s like the hero of a TV show dying in the middle of a random episode… and staying gone. Sure, you know it’s possible, but it’s hardly a satisfying story.

This kind of thinking can lead you astray as you search for the truth.

And during your personal evolution.

You might struggle with a challenge for decades. Let’s say you have a phobia or you can’t commit to a relationship. After ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy, you’ve made no progress.

Then you meet someone who resolves it in a 30-minute conversation.

Intellectually, you know this can happen. The right conversation at the right time can transform lives.

Emotionally, most people feel relieved to finally be free of what held them back.

Some folks, though?

They apply the same thinking as the conspiracy theorists. A problem like that must huge to have lasted for so long – it demands an equally huge solution.

Could you really resolve it so easily?

Doesn’t it take an enormous investment of time and effort to make an enormous change?

Sometimes, the bad guy dies by tripping over his own feet while walking down the stairs.

Sometimes, your problems vanish with a quick conversation.

It might not make for a satisfying story, but it sure makes for a satisfying life.

If you want to be free of anything holding you back – quicker and easier than the rules of drama allow – book in a session with me here:

“Infinite value” coaching?

Last year, my hypnosis and coaching sessions were based on time.

For example, when you signed up for a Freedom From Smoking program, you would get two to three sessions with me.


They’re based on results.

Sign up and it’s as many sessions as you need.

If you get what you want in one session, great.

If it takes five sessions, that’s great too.

It takes all the time pressure out of it. Whatever you need to get the results you pay for, you get – guaranteed or your money back.

There’s more:

When you sign up for a session, you’re invited to a weekly-ish group call. I say ‘ish’ because sometimes I won’t be available, which I’ll let you know about in advance. I’ll be there most weeks though.

During these group calls, I’ll address any concerns or struggles you’ve had – and you’re comfortable raising in that context.

They’ll also be a hypnotic top-up – revitalising, broadening and strengthening the changes .

You’ll be welcome to attend these calls for as long as I offer them – no obligation, no pressure.

That means you could sign up for one session… and potentially get infinite value for it, assuming we both become immortal. So I guess it’s more of a figurative infinite than a literal one but, hey, that’s still a sweet deal.

It’s funny how much more you get out of it all when I stopped thinking in terms of time and started thinking in terms of what would be, without a doubt, the best value I can offer you.

Unbounded and ongoing contact with me is as much as I can offer.


Then sign up for a session:

New year, new schedule, new announcement

In 2020, I took my calendar offline for a few weeks.

Partly because I wanted to rejig my schedule. If you want to book a session with me, you now have more slots to choose and at very different times. I’m not going to say I accommodate every time zone, but I do cater to more of them now.

That’s some good news.

Some better news:

The other reason I took my calendar down was to focus on my new project – the most ambitious, exciting and darn useful thing I can offer.

I am finally – finally! – able to reveal some details.

Not all, but some.

If you want to get more out of your days and perform at your peak…

If you’d driven by an urge to explore, evolve and examine the boundaries of who you are…

For anyone who works with people and wants to understand, guide and influence them more…

Or who knows they could be doing something better with their limited time here but doesn’t know how… and feels frustrated, incomplete or even trapped…

… then pay attention. In about a week, I’m launching something exciting – Phronesis Accelerator. It digs deep into what makes your cognition evolve, as you shed your limitations and find new ways of being.

That’s an adventure for another time.

In the meantime?

Here’s how you can book a one-on-one session with me.

My schedule isn’t the only thing that’s changed, by the way – but I’ll talk more about that later.

Until then, explore what I offer and what it can do for you:

P.S. I have nothing available in January, so check February if you’re interested. I won’t normally let you book so far in advance, but I have my reasons for making an exception.

For some of you, 2020 will never end

I know some of you are keen for 2020 to excuse itself from the room already.

Bad news on that front…

For some of you, it’s sticking around.

Not literally – the calendar will, in fact, keep moving forward.

You don’t want to turn the calendar, though. You want things to go back to normal or get better.

I’m concerned, though.

I’m concerned for all the young people who watched all this. For them, panicking over something they can’t see, whose consequences they never witness, is normal.

That will leave a mark for some of them.

I’m concerned for adults, too. Most folks have had a year of chronic stress… after a lifetime of different chronic stress.

Lockdowns are trauma and they’ll end eventually.


When things become amazing for everyone, that won’t be the fix for all the woes.

It’ll be the start of it.

If you’ve spent this much time with fear, anxiety and uncertainty scratching at your organs, it’ll take more than open businesses and abundant toilet paper to set things right.

Fortunately, your body and mind are excellent at letting go.

It doesn’t take long – it merely takes some time spent in deep and total relaxation.

Deeper than sleep.

Want to know how to let go of all of this like that?

It’s infused into every module of Monster Mind Edukaré:

How do you know if your thoughts work?

The more I meditate and practice self-hypnosis, the more my brain surprises me. Like the fish who doesn’t know what water is, you don’t know most of how your thoughts work.

Sometimes the only way to tell that you do something is when you stop.

After all, it’s not easy for thoughts to think about thoughts. They can, but how much detail do you lose? How inaccurate are they?


When I first heard of synesthesia – the neurological quirk where some of your senses express themselves as other senses – I thought it sounded cool.

Sure, I knew that some folks didn’t enjoy it.

Others did. Seeing musical notes as coloured gave them perfect pitch. Seeing words as coloured made them a superhuman editor.

It’s almost a superpower.

It took me, what, decades to realise I had synesthesia too. I wondered why others loved gifs, while they made my skin crawl.

That’s because I hallucinate sounds based on what I see – and I never realised it. That might sound odd but since it happens all the time, how was I supposed to notice?

Is it an almost-superpower for me?

Let’s break it down…

Minor disadvantage: I struggle with gifs, like I mentioned. Or anything that loops every few seconds. Imagine someone took a random three-second sample of a random song, looped it and played it at full volume.

If the visual pattern loops, it might be fine because then the sound loops too. Most gifs abruptly stop and restart, and so does the noise in my head.

Major disadvantage: it’s sometimes hard to hear what someone is saying over all the noise.

Major advantage: it’s a whole new data channel for me to play with. If you think that isn’t useful for problem solving, then you don’t know problem solving.

Major advantage: by forcing me to learn to listen to people, I’m better at it than I might otherwise be.

Major advantage: I can write like a demon on coffee. Once I learned to use the inner soundscape, (it used to be a huge distraction,) all I have to do to write is listen.

Minor disadvantage: I’m prone to homonym-based typos. After all, I’m not writing – I’m transcribing.

Ten years ago, it was all disadvantages – all those advantages are new. Now, it’s a handy feature – one I’m not keen to part with.

That’s not the only way I have synesthesia. I also hallucinate felt-senses based on some strange stuff.

It’s mild… for now. I’ve found that by playing around with it, I can think more creatively. I’ve had more ideas for books, programs, games, parties and wild adventures in the last month than in the last year.

I feel so limitlessly creative that I’m going to try all sorts of new outlets for it.

Hooray for me, right?

But… what does that mean?

“Play around with it”?

You can’t choose or change how your senses misfire… right?

Oh, you certainly can.

The easiest way might be using module 5 of my Monster Mind Edukaré program.

If not that, then module 16.

Find them here:

What I wish I knew 2 years ago

I could say something funny here, like how I wish I’d known to travel more.

Or stock up on toilet paper.

I could say something shallow – there are plenty of business skills I could have used then.

But forget all of that, because there’s something else I really wished I knew.

I hate judging years – saying this one was ‘good’ and that one was ‘bad’. It’s sloppy thinking that hides nuances at the cost of your own sanity. If time feels like it’s rushing by, that might be because you’re abstracting huge amounts of it into simple, forgettable blocks.

Even so, if I suspend that preference for a moment…

For me, 2020 was better than 2019 – and not because it was great.

Both years contained, shall we say, many points of frustration. Things could have been worse… and things were worse than they’d been for ten years.

What things?

It doesn’t matter.

The point is I let them get to me.

Rather than process, plan and move forward, I let them grind me down.

Well, that was a mistake – especially since I knew better. I had all the skills I needed to manage things, but it all just seemed so…

You know, big. Too big to wrap my head around.

I got there in the end though.

It took me longer than it could have, maybe, but I finally got my stuff together. It only took losing a lot, even parts of myself, before I did.

Process, plan, move on.

Losing myself like that might be my biggest fear, now that I think about it.

If you strive for mastery or yearn to support other people, this might be your fear too. When things are going well, it’s easy to be your best for others.

When they don’t, it gets a lot tougher.

Well, I don’t plan on going through that again. I know what I need to do – and I wish I knew it two years ago. The only better time than then is now – that’s why I’m cooking up an insurance plan – something to stop me from slipping like that again.

Why should you care?

Because it can be your insurance plan, too.

I’m not long off announcing specific details about it. Just know that if you want to be your best and be there for the people you care about – no matter what the world around you does – then focus and pay attention.

This could be exactly what you need.

I’ve been working harder over the last month than I’ve ever worked on anything. Whenever I worry about running out of ideas, my brain burns with new possibilities.

I can’t wait to share it with you all.

But, lo, I must wait.

In the meantime?

This will help you prepare for it.

It’s not a prerequisite. Consider it a handy supplemental:

P.S. Things are going to look different in 2021. Even my casual readers are about to get a lot more value from me.

The dedicated folks?

You’re in for a journey…

60 New Year’s Resolutions for you

If you’ve heard what folk are aiming for in 2021, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things.

Some folk are too ambitious. They want to do everything next year.

Others are too vague. They want to “be healthier” but don’t seem to know what to do about that.

Others still are too narrow. They want to spend an entire year becoming 1% better at something. Or they’ll settle for surviving the year, which I’d call a good start but not much else.

Good luck to them, honestly.

But if you want real resolutions with real firepower, try 60 of them. Especially if they’re all specific and achievable.

While everyone flounders with a couple of doomed projects, you can power through this amazing list. You could focus on five each month – even if 80% of them fizzle, that’s still 12 ways you’ve improved dramatically over the year.

This is New Year’s Resolutions rocket fuel.

So fill up your tank and get flying now:

Your great 2021 reset

It doesn’t matter that calendar years begin and end at arbitrary times. Stepping into the New Year feels like a new beginning, where you can put everything behind you and embrace limitless possibilities.

2020 was what it was – 2021 can be anything.

The interesting question?

Since New Year could happen on any day – we just happen to have it when we have it – could you think like that every day?

It’s handy to reset, to leave the baggage behind before it accumulates too much.

Sleep does a good job of that.

If it were good enough, though, you’d have no challenges in your life that lasted more than a few hours.

That’s why I developed the Neural Reset – to help you hit pause and reboot, even deeper than sleep and in a fraction of the time.

That’s mean of me to bring up, though, since you can only experience that by making a booking with me. Right now, my calendar is offline, as I plan to rejig things next year.

After all, it’s a great time to make changes…

Even so, you can learn to reset yourself.

You can learn to do it on your own terms in your own style, whenever you need it.


When you peel back the protective layers of Monster Mind Edukaré and feast on its inner wisdom, you’ll find many places where you can learn this sort of thing.

Specifically in modules 4-7, 9-10 and 15-18.

That’s a lot of putting the past behind you and freeing yourself for what comes next.

Here’s where you find all that and more:


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