It’s not arrogance, it’s hard-won experience

Some folks think that I’m full of manure.

I say things like how I can help them solve lifelong problems – quickly, easily and permanently.

I imply, if not outright claim, that I can do things that other people can’t.

Even some things that seem impossible.

Well, it’s true. I talk a big talk.

That’s not coming from a place of arrogance.

Want me to expose my weaknesses? How about this – not ten minutes ago, I had an anxiety attack.

It was a pretty big one, too.

It came out of nowhere and… well, to say it was upsetting would be clumsy and tactless.

How do I feel now?

A little raw, I guess, but mostly okay. I’m taking it easy and treating myself to some writing.

That’s not bad. The old me wouldn’t have coped well with something like that. I would have tried my hardest to distract myself from it, even as I wanted to run away from everything.

This time, though, I rode out both waves of the attack, taking about a minute or so for each.

How did I do it?

With breathing exercises or mindfulness?

Nah – in the moment, I forgot all about those.

Instead, I used a different technique, one where I lean into the fear, darkness and panic.

I’m glad I remembered this one. It’s almost magic with how effective it is. The stronger the attack is, the stronger it makes me – even in the moment.

When I say my Alleviate Anxiety program can help you, it’s not because I read about it or learned it from a teacher. I know it works because I used it on myself.

Scratch that – I use it on myself.

My anxiety is much better than it used to be – much, much better – but there are very few folks who are always free of it.

You don’t need to be.

All you need is to alleviate it in the moment.

Sign up for your first session here:

Make smoking unreal again

If you believe the exaggerated, Hollywood version of hypnosis, you could use it to quit smoking in an interesting way:

A hypnotist could hypnotise you into forgetting you’d ever smoked. You’d have no memory of ever touching a cigarette.

How easy would it be to quit smoking then, if you’d never done it?

Now, people could argue back and forth over whether that’s possible.

All I’ll say is it’s overkill – and not great. I’m sure you have some happy memories involving smoking. Why lose those if you don’t have to?

I’ve helped folks quit in interesting ways, always with their consent. For example, not everyone wants me to install revulsion to smoking. It helps but it’s not necessary.

Same with people suddenly losing their train of thought when they think about smoking. I can hypnotically install that but not everyone wants it.

Those can work, but they’re not necessary.

Because there are other, quirkier ways of getting the result.

Here’s one I like, but I don’t always use:

You know how you have memories that you know aren’t yours? For example, someone once told you a story so vivid, it was like you were living it. Or you read a book that really sucked you in.

Later, you can remember these things happening to you, but there’s a certain mental distance. It’s more like a dream of a memory or a memory of a dream.

You can remember it, but you know it’s not a real memory.

Imagine if that happened to all your memories about smoking – from your first puff to your last.

You can remember smoking all those cigarettes… yet there’s something unreal about that, like these memories belong to someone else.

How easy would quitting smoking be then?

Again, I don’t always use this technique. It’s fun though, not to mention effective.

And it’s probably different from everything else you’ve tried.

Since that didn’t work, why not try something new:

P.S. Did you know my results have a lifetime guarantee? Either you remain a non-smoker for life or I’ll help you out again, whether that’s six months from now or two decades.

Only capitalism leads to leisure

Because socialist messages trend on social media – for whatever reason – I’ve seen a lot of this sentiment recently:

“The ‘always be hustling’ mentality is a lie perpetrated by your capitalist masters, who want you to work yourself to death enriching them. You’re not supposed to work 80 hour weeks!”

Well, I agree with the sentiment. Leisure is good. Giving evil corporate overlords your best time and energy is bad.

But blaming capitalism is like when a pet in a burning building attacks the person trying to save them.

Yes, plenty of people work crazy hours in jobs they hate… making someone else rich… advancing causes they don’t support… and missing out on what matters to them, like education, family and community service.

You know what, though?

Many people don’t.

Many people start their own businesses, invest sensibly, save wisely, work flexibly and build their dream lifestyles.

Doing so is capitalism.

If capitalism were the problem, then I reckon you would have loved working in a Soviet factory. Did you know Stalin banned weekends? Everyone got a day off each week, but it was a different day for everyone – that way the factories would never have downtime.

Neither would the workers – how relaxing is a day off where you have to spend it alone, because everyone else is at work?

(Before you say ‘very’, remember that this was pre-internet and they probably didn’t own many decent books.)

And the workers’ prospects of feeding themselves through starting a business were approximately zero.

Funny, that.

Yet people still blame capitalism for something that’s worse in its real-world alternatives. Yes, we can and should design a better system, but let’s not overlook how good we’ve got it.

Say what you will about capitalism, but at least the typical person has the chance to escape the rat race.

You can build your wealth, free up your time or – if you’re smart, talented, hard-working and/or ambitious enough – you can do both at once.

How, though?

You probably have an idea for a business.

Maybe even more than one.

Have you taken the plunge, though?

Have you begun your idea – or are you putting it off til ‘someday’?

Someday is never.

That’s when the perfect time to start will be, too.

So start now.

If you find yourself hesitating, maybe even self-sabotaging, you could really benefit from Thresholds Coaching & Crossroads Training:

I do, in fact, know who needs to hear this

A few popular quirks of language bug me.

One that’s floating around at the moment:

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but…”

Bonus points if the poster has a specific group in mind, so they do know who ‘needs’ to hear it. “I don’t know who needs to hear this but <political position> is wrong!”

I don’t know why it bugs me.

Some memes and expressions never get old for me. Others, I grow bored of them by the third exposure.

So let’s put all of that to the side, because I know exactly who needs to hear this.

I have four classes of solutions – four ways of categorising my programs.

Level 1 is when you want to get rid of something. It’s like taking an antibiotic – there’s something you have but don’t want, so you do something about it. Whether you want to quick smoking, alleviate anxiety or overcome insomnia, this is for you.

With Level 2, you know what you want but you can’t get it on your own. It’s like taking a vitamin – you know what it’ll do, you just need help getting there.

Level 3 is about transforming your life in ways you can’t even imagine. You have the vague sense that something is missing. When you try to find it, nothing seems to fit. A new job, a loving partner, a move to a new city, giving back to the community – those are great, but they still leave you feeling empty.

It’s like learning to eat right. You’re not sure how it helps, but you know it does.

As for Level 4, that’s a secret.

Like I said, I know who needs to hear this:

Anyone who knows your life can be better. If you’re not willing to settle, this is for you.

Browse my catalogue of programs and sign up here:

What’s a good night’s sleep worth to you?

Good sleep isn’t ‘important’. That undersells it.

Really, it’s foundational.

Think about it: whether you want to relax or get things done, sleeping well can make all the difference.

You know this already.

So what are you willing to do about it?

The bad news is that a single night of long, deep sleep isn’t enough. In fact, it can leave you feeling even more exhausted.

And alcohol and meditation can knock you out, but that doesn’t lead to restful slumber.

There’s a difference between when you’re unconscious and when you’re recharging your batteries.

That means you need good sleep, natural sleep… and lots of it.

The good news?

I think I might be able to help you with that.

Of course, I can’t make decisions for you. If you choose to stay up til 2am and get up at six, then you’ll probably feel tired no matter what anyone does.

But if you’re willing to choose the right behaviours, I can help with the rest. See, falling asleep isn’t something you do – it’s something that happens unconsciously.

That means if you struggle to fall or stay asleep, the solution lies with your unconscious mind.

If it’s out of conscious awareness, then you can’t control it.

That’s where hypnosis comes in. With my Sleep Deeply, Sleep Well program, you’ll experience deep, unconscious changes about how you sleep.

It’ll lead to a better night’s rest, probably after the first session.

And to really make sure you don’t lose sleep over this decision – hahaha – my results are guaranteed.

Interesting in feeling refreshed and invigorated?

Sign up for a session:

3 types of change

Lately, I’ve written a lot about change.

I’ve talked about how it’s inevitable – and if it’s inevitable, it’s up to you to choose how it will happen. Whether or not you’ll change is a settled question.

What I haven’t mentioned is what change is.

That’s a silly thing to bring up, right? Isn’t it obvious? It’s transformation, it’s evolution, it’s decay and it’s growth.

It’s when a thing isn’t the same from moment to moment.

What could be simpler?

I can’t argue with any of that. It’s right… and yet it’s also too simple.

When someone comes to me, hungry for change, I don’t just roll up my sleeves and get to work. There’s a lot I need to learn first about the person, where they are and what they need.

One of the things I need to figure out is what kind of transformation you want.

Someone who wants to quit smoking needs something different from someone who doesn’t know how to advance their career.

And they’re different from an expert in their field who wants to push their abilities to their limits.

You can think about there being three kinds of change. That’s still oversimplifying, but at least it’s a lot less simplistic.

I cover the three types of change in The Triple Crossroads – how to spot them, how they differ and what you need to do with each.

There are plenty of simple, practical exercises waiting for you right here:

You’ve already had the epiphany

Take a problem you’re facing in life.

Any problem from any domain.

I reckon you’ve already heard what you need to do to solve it. Heck, it’s probably something simple like put yourself out there, take more chances and work harder on it.

So many folks struggle to exercise. The answer couldn’t be simpler: exercise.

So many folks struggle to quit smoking. That’s even simpler, since not doing something is easier than doing something.

Making money, finding love, conquering the world – it all comes down to doing basic, obvious things, with determination and discipline.

So… why don’t we?

Why don’t we do all the things we know we should?

A key obstacle?


If you could eliminate your own internal resistance to good ideas, you’d become unstoppable. Every piece of wise advice you hear would only make you stronger.

Enter The Triple Crossroads.

Part of it includes nine hypnotic tools that absolutely shred resistance. Use these and you’ll stop flinching away from what you know you need to do.

Each is simple to use on your own.

And each has a troubleshooting section, covering the common things folks need to know to really use them.

These tools aren’t the end of your journey, either. In fact, they’re just the beginning.

Here’s where to find them:

Two simple (but not easy) questions

Do you know what to do with your life?

Are you doing enough towards it?

If you said no to either of those, consider this:

Let’s say you and I were in a room together.

Picture it.

Maybe there are other people around, or not. Maybe there’s a lot of noise, or not.

You come up to me and say you want to change.

I tell you, “so change”.

You tell me you can’t. You’ve tried before and, for whatever reason, it never sticks.

“Okay, I understand,” I say. “Give me 30 minutes of your time and you’ll get the change you want.”

Then I do it.

Does that sound like me bragging?

Well, maybe I am.

I’ll say this – I offer no guarantees that it’ll work… that fast. It probably will, but maybe it’d take a few hours.

That’s not because I’m special, ultra-talented or divine.

Any skilled hypnotist could do the same.

That’s the core of these techniques – using hypnosis to melt your resistance and finally embrace your evolution.

If you’ve never been hypnotised before, it might not be what you expect.

You’ll be in complete control the whole time.

You’ll remain awake and you’ll remember everything. Unless you stayed up all night, in which case you’ll dose off no matter what you do.

This is all simpler than you might think – and incredibly effective. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking in surprising, profound and intense ways.

What I cover in The Triple Crossroads will give you a taste of that.

It’s like a ghost pepper – sometimes just a taste is all you need…

Add it to your stew here:

Master any field in 4 simple steps

I’m not mucking around here.

If you want to learn the basics of any craft, you can find tutorials on YouTube.

If you want all the satisfaction, glory and success that mastery brings, though?

That’s harder to find. Books, courses, even a mentor can only get you so far.

The best course on how to paint won’t make you a master. It takes something else – something ineffable, that no simple book can convey.

Either that or it’s a simple four step process.

How could that be, though? If it were that simple, wouldn’t everyone do it?

Nah, because the usual filters apply.

It takes time and effort to master something. Less if you follow these steps, but it’s never a trivial amount. Most folks give up well before then.

There are no shortcuts on this path, but that doesn’t mean I can’t illuminate it for you.

Who illuminated it for me?

A thorough look at the history of science.

Most advancements come in increments. In almost every great scientific revolution, some inspired genius followed these four steps and changed our understanding forever.

When I realised how many expert martial artists followed the same process, I knew I’d found a process that works for anything.

And, sure enough, it’s how I mastered (and continue to master) hypnosis.

If there’s something you’d love to learn but don’t know where to begin, start with The Triple Crossroads. Your future self, with deep skills and knowledge in what you learn, will thank you for it now.

Here’s the link:

What’s the answer, if not random brutality?

I believe that if everyone sees what just a few people become when they wholly embrace their gifts, others will awaken.

Elijah Price, aka Mister Glass

If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.

Derek Sivers

I’ve been obsessed with this question for as long as I can remember:

What drives people to become their best selves?

I remember realising at an early age that people strived for ever-increasing safety and comfort. Agriculture exists because hunting and gathering were too risky and difficult – too much defending on factors you couldn’t control. Then civilisation evolved around the idea that farming was too risky and difficult.

People would go through a tragedy and it would forge them like steel. They’d dig deep to survive it, then become a hero who would save thousands more from suffering.

Pick any revolution or progressive movement. The greatest leaders in it probably suffered the worst – they were ordinary merchants or lawyers until injustice drove them to fight back.

Without the injustice, they would have settled for being what they were.

So, what’s the answer?

Create a utopia and people won’t find what they’re truly capable of.

But the answer isn’t to inflict brutality at random, just to give people an enemy to fight. That can’t be the solution because it’s worse than the problem.

Luckily, you don’t need to grow through trauma. It might be an option, but it’s not the only one.

A perfectly valid option is to simply choose to be different.

If you’re motivated enough to change – and that motivation can come from within – then that’s all you need.

I’m reminded of a story Chase Hughes – one of my teachers – often tells. He was this awkward teenager, working for the military, hanging out at bars, trying to pick up chicks. When one woman shot him down, he went home and Googled “how to tell when girls like you”.

He became obsessed with what he found.

Now, he’s one of the world’s leading experts on body language, deception detection and behavioural profiling.

It came from a burning need – and, yeah, in a utopia, maybe it would never have happened. But there was no torture or anything, just something about himself bothered him.

So he fixed it – and then some.

He went from being below average at reading people to one of the best in the world – so good that police interrogators use his methods to solve crimes.

A decision to change isn’t enough, obviously. If that’s all it took, we’d all be… well, I refer you to the Derek Sivers quote above.

If you have all the information… and you can transform your life by deciding to…

…then what’s stopping you?

In a word?


Some part of you resists, even if change undoubtedly the best thing for you.

You can resist a new idea, a new technology or a new way of thinking about yourself.

You don’t have to, though.

Letting all that go can be the simplest thing, once you know how.


That’s how the sales letter for one of my favourite product begins.

The Triple Crossroads is all about transformation. Change is easy – you do it all the time, whether you want to or not… so why haven’t you changed the way you want?

With this collection of techniques, you put all resistance aside and become more of who you want to be.

Someone calmer, more confident, with greater focus.

Someone who knows they’re making the right decisions and living the best life they can.

It’s no exaggeration to say most folks need training in this.

And what could be more important than learning how to make the best decisions in life, then following through on them?

Here’s where you can pick it up:


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