How to quit smoking

If you smoke but don’t want to, then listen up:

You have more options than ever before.

You can chew gum, slap on a patch, vape or whatever. There are online communities and face-to-face communities. You can see a doctor, hire a coach or hire someone to steal your cigarettes.


If you tried a different strategy each week, then it would take you years to get through them all. By the end, though, you’d be really good at quitting. You’d probably stop just to beat the hassle of it all.

Or you could skip all of that and go after the habit at its source.

Hypnosis is a proven way to quit smoking quickly and easily. The research no longer asks whether it works – now, it focuses on how effective it is.

And it can be pretty darn effective.

It you want to read what science has to say about it, then head on over to this page:


There’s no need for you to do anything but read, listen and kick the habit for good. What happens next is up to you.

My Uncensored Opinions on Self-Hypnosis (and Nintendo)

My Uncensored Opinions on Self-Hypnosis (and Nintendo)

The way I sell self-hypnosis to people is that it’s a powerful mind-training tool. It creates the same benefits as meditation, only it’s easier to learn. Whether mindfulness is your thing or not, that’s okay – self-hypnosis will still work for you.

People have used it to beat smoking and insomnia, overcome heartbreak, delete bad habits and install better ones.

I’ve used it to become calmer, happier, more focused, more productive, braver, healthier, more present, more creative and probably a hundred other things I’m forgetting.

So I’m not lying when I say it’s one of the best self-improvement tools out there. I eat my own dog food with this one.

But that’s not why I do it. Yes, I’m a self-improvement junkie but, if I’m being honest, I’d do it even without those benefits.

I might even do it if it were bad for me.

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Get Motivated to Get Motivated

Get Motivated to Get Motivated

If motivation is like a fire that burns within you, then it’s the weirdest fire around.

It randomly fluctuates between smouldering ash and unstoppable inferno. The hotter is burns, the more fuel it creates for itself. It blazes a trail that destroys all obstacles and –

Wait, what am I saying? I’m describing a normal fire, not a weird one.

The weirdness with motivation lies somewhere else.

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When Catching a Cold Is a Matter of Choice

When Catching a Cold Is a Matter of Choice

People have strange ideas around colds, flus and other illnesses like these. One of the common remarks is that it’s a certain season, therefore it’s inevitable. “I always get sick in winter” or some such remark.

Well, maybe.

Another common one is falling sick because everyone around you is sick, too.

It’s possible, I suppose.

I used to believe these. And I used to catch colds a few times a year. Each time knocked me on my butt for a while. It meant a couple of days of work and a few weeks feeling rubbish each time.

Nowadays… well, I’m not perfect. I might feel rundown for an evening or two. But using history as a guide, I’ve dodged three or four major battles with the sniffles.

This is while working harder than ever before, mainly in an office with poor ventilation and plenty of sick people.

If you want to drastically enhance your body’s immune response, it’s a matter of choice. No one chooses to be sick, but how you choose to respond to it makes all the difference.

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The Natural Pain Remedy That’s (Almost) Too Effective

The Natural Pain Remedy That’s (Almost) Too Effective

You can resolve pain in an entirely natural and drug-free way. No surgery, no medication and no gimmicks.

Yes, it’s effective. Even with chronic pain. And with severe pain, like with childbirth.

It’s a technique used across the world and throughout time. That’s because it works. In fact, it works too well.

I’m serious. Unless you have a doctor’s mission, I’d think twice before using it. Doctors use pain in helping to diagnose conditions. Getting rid of it could divert them from finding the answer.

And something like a headache might come from tension in your back, dehydration, a lack of sleep or too much screen time. Blotting the signal without addressing the cause does you no favours.

So only turn to self-hypnosis when it’s safe to resolve your pain.

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Let He Who is With Hassles Cast the First Spell

Let He Who is With Hassles Cast the First Spell

Put your hand up if your life is perfect.

I hope it’s at least pretty good. It would thrill me to hear it’s amazing – full of everything you want and need.

But if someone offered you a magic wand that could fix anything with a wave…

Well, you’d cast that spell.

You’re not going to turn around, shrug and politely decline.

There’s always something you can work on, shape and improve. Like a piece of art, you’re never truly finished.

That’s okay, though. You can do something like this. It’s not a magic spell, even though it sometimes feels like one.

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Use Insomnia to Your Advantage

Use Insomnia to Your Advantage

I’m not about to downplay insomnia. Not being able to sleep is rough. If affects every part of your body and it degrades your mental performance.

On top of that, it doesn’t feel great.

It’s a good idea to trial techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep. You’ve probably heard all the advice before – adjusting your caffeine intake, no late night meals, avoiding devices with screens, eliminating alcohol…

This should be your priority.

In the meantime, you can use insomnia to your advantage. Think of it as taking sleeplessness out for one last spin.

It’s not hanging around but, before it goes, make it pay you back for what it owes.

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How You Can Have a Great Memory (Despite Having a Terrible One)

How You Can Have a Great Memory (Despite Having a Terrible One)

The curious thing about memory is that you don’t have to have a good one to have a great one.

Moonwalking with Einstein tells the story of Josh Foer, who went from a typical journalist to US memory champion in a year. Anyone who has read it can tell you that memory athletes have normal minds.

They’re not savants or gifted. Like everyone else, they forget where they left their keys.

Even so, they can memorise shuffled decks of cards in minutes.

And not just cards – they can retain names, dates, random binary strings, even poems.

I won’t go into the techniques they use. You can read about those anywhere.

But I will mention an underlying principle that lets things like mind palaces work. And, unlike techniques for memorising cards and numbers, this actually can help you keep track of your keys.

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Beat jet lag by carrying the sun and destroying the future

Beat jet lag by carrying the sun and destroying the future

Travel! Isn’t it great?


Isn’t it?

It is and it isn’t. It’s an incredible experience to travel from one place to another. More than that, when you move from one culture to another, it opens you up to new ways of living. Culture clashes and homesickness are little more than reality challenging your basic assumptions.

You can fly halfway round the world in a day, for a modest fee. A few hundred years ago, a journey like that took months and the resources of an empire. Going back even further, it would take generations.

Few cultures lie outside your reach. With a bit of planning and effort, you can find yourself anywhere.

But one thing we haven’t mastered is making it a pleasant experience.

Flying from continent to continent is brutal. Cross enough time zones and jetlag can wipe you out for days. And that’s after sitting for hours in a cramped, shaky seat, listening to the sounds of engines and hundreds of people.

If you know how to enter a trance, though, you have some options.

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The Skill that Creates Opportunities

The Skill that Creates Opportunities

Let’s not pull any punches. You could be doing many things right now. As soon as you finish reading this, you could exercise, study, cook a nutritious meal, work on a side business or spend quality time with a loved one.

Or you could binge eat before firing up some porn.

At every moment, you have a choice. You can use it to enrich your life or you can waste time.

I’m not going to patronise you by saying you can find more time by cutting an hour of TV watching a day. As a life hack, it’s a pretty useless one. No one prefers wasting time to feeling productive… it’s just that sometimes you need to take a breather. Right?

So what’s the simplest thing you can work on, right now, out of everything at your fingertips?

This might be the most important question you can ask yourself.

You have a thousand opportunities, and there’s one that more people need to think about. When you use self-hypnosis to do this, you free yourself to better pursue every other opportunity.

This is something that most people suck at doing. It’s also something that the most successful people excel at.

Chances are that your competitors do well despite lacking this. If you can master it, you’ll easily leave them scrambling to catch up.

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