Find Free Market Research among Hateful Echochambers

Find Free Market Research among Hateful Echochambers

If you’re a hypnotist looking to use social media, then you have choices. You could follow other people in the field. It’s not a bad idea to see what your colleagues are up to. They’ll say things or do things in a different way – use that.

Being a professional means knowing the state of the industry, after all.

But there’s a group of people who are far more important to follow.

Are you shocked if I say it’s your potential clients?

Probably not, right? Because there’s an ancient, mystical, amazing, diabolical secret marketing technique, developed by an obscure order of monks with data science degrees and…

Okay, nah, it’s nothing like that.

It’s as simple as listening to them.

The moral panic brigade likes to harp on about what the big, bad internet does to people. All anyone does these days is log on and shout their grievances to all of cyberspace. Twitter is a hateful echochamber. So is Facebook. Woe to the poor souls who complain upon the webs.

I say, good.

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How to train your mind without becoming dumber

How to train your mind without becoming dumber

No one with any brains would go to a gym and start randomly throwing weights around. That would be a bad use of your time.

Every exercise carries the risk of injury. You need to check your form against what the experts recommend. You need to start off slow and build up to it.

If you don’t, you’re working against your muscles, not with them.

This is a Bad Idea. If you’re lucky, nothing will happen. You strain a little, feel sore and get no benefits.

If you’re unlucky, you reduce yourself to a limping, aching wreck.

And tell me, my friend – is a person with torn muscles, painful joints and stressed tendons stronger or weaker?

There’s no surprise here. Physical training without researching it is begging for problems. This is why people hire personal trainers, join workout groups or at least spend some time on Google.

If you cripple yourself doing dumb stuff, you can only blame yourself.

But what some people don’t realise is something similar happens with mind training. They buy books, read articles, play games and work through puzzles… without thinking whether it’s the right approach.

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Don’t Sell with Social Media

Don’t Sell with Social Media

If you’re a hypnotist looking to build your digital reach, you’re gonna think about social media. Everyone’s on it, everyone’s talking about it and it can multiply your impact.

But before you go diving into it, there’s a few things to sort out first.

The main thing is to get your website in order. If someone likes your tweets or posts, they’re unlikely to become a client just like that. They’ll want to see the details, and the best place for that is your website.

Have something good you can point them to.

Then you want to capture their email address. Even if someone follows or subscribes to you on social media, that doesn’t mean they’ll even see your content. Email is much more visible and, yes, personal.

(It cracks me up that Facebook and its ilk talk about how ‘intimate’ their platforms are. Social media is a busy town square, whereas email is inviting someone into your home.)

Once all that’s sorted, you need to figure out where your potential clients hang out. There’s no point upping your retweet game if none of them are on Twitter.

And then, once you have it all figured out, you still need to decide what to focus on.

“I want to focus on selling,” you say. That’s a good instinct to have – always have the end goal in mind with everything you do.

But no, not quite.

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The Emails Hypnotists Need to Send

The Emails Every Hypnotist Need to Send

We’ve talked a lot about using emails to build relationships and keep you in your clients’ minds. I strongly recommend doing this – either yourself or outsourcing it. But I also understand that you might want to take a different approach. Or at least start the email stuff later.

I get it.

In that spirit, here’s the bare minimum you want to do with email. Put these foundations in place, then come back to regular, engaging emails as soon as you can.

The simplest useful thing to do is to send a reminder. The day before, email each client and mention the time of their session, plus anything else they need to know. Things like your address, parking/public transportation and stuff like what to wear.

Hey, if people are wondering it, you should address it. The goal is to make things as smooth and simple for them. Don’t give them any excuse to cancel, forget or get lost along the way.

But there’s another email you should send. Not all professionals do this, but it makes a huge difference.

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All Your Friends Are Imaginary

All Your Friends Are Imaginary

There’s an old philosophical idea that what we think is reality doesn’t exist. Reality, whatever it is, has to exist on some level. It might be a computer simulation, the dream of a mad child, a deep well of mysteries or simple laws acting on simple elements.

Are these ideas true? I don’t know. I also don’t care. Some people get excited and shout, “the universe is a computer simulation and I can prove it!”

To which I can’t help but ask okay, so what?

Reality influences your life, but knowing its true nature wouldn’t change much. You’d still wake up, kiss your loved ones and go to work.

But put aside the physical universe for a second. Psychologically, there’s a lot we can say about reality:

It’s all an illusion.

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Don’t Mistake Emails for Miniskirts

Don’t Mistake Emails for Miniskirts

You might be wondering how long you should make your emails.

The good news is that there’s a lot of advice about that out there.

The bad news is that there’s a lot of advice out there.

You have the opportunity to trawl through it all, try to figure it out and start A/B testing it. That’s what most marketers would do.

They’d read one marketer telling you to keep it short, because Twitter has eroded attention spans.

Another will tell you to make them long, to demonstrate your knowledge.

Yet another will make that joke about it being like a miniskirt – long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to be interesting.

Forget all of that.

Because you’re not a marketer, are you? You know marketing (and you’re learning more as you read these articles) and you use marketing, but that’s not your role in society.

You are a hypnotist, so let me talk to you like one.

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Dissolve Your Conscious Mind into a Creepy, Crazy Hivemind

Dissolve Your Conscious Mind into a Creepy, Crazy Hivemind

I’m sure this one doesn’t need explaining…

Okay, okay. I know you understand but for everyone else reading, here’s the deal. This simple habit is probably the most fun, productive, healthy and satisfying way to tap into unconscious material.

You already know this one, though I doubt you’ve ever thought of it quite like this.

This habit transforms your life, brings you in contact with opportunities and establishes your value.

It even influences your weight, confidence, optimism and income.

Is this the most important thing you can do to change your relationship with your unconscious mind? Maybe. It’s certainly up there.

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It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

Here’s a free tip for you: if you’re uncomfortable about emailing people three, five or seven times a week – if not more – then get comfortable.

A while ago, my inbox became unmanageable. I went on a mass unsubscribe of gaming emails. Every time one arrived, I opted out.

I still get the occasional gaming email, from people who haven’t emailed me in years.

Don’t do this. Please, please, don’t spend years in silence. Email hard and email often. Your list should hear from you every day or two.

Isn’t that annoying? Aren’t you spamming them?

Nah, and here’s why:

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Your Thought is Your Bond

Your Thought is Your Bond

The way I (and most hypnotists) describe the unconscious mind is a hidden reservoir of power and genius. Those great ideas, those moments where you know just what to say and all of your learnings come from your unconscious.

It’s like that old myth of you only using 10% of your brain. If you could access the other 90%, you’d transform into an incredible genius.

The brain doesn’t work that way, but the mind sure does. Your unconscious is billions of times the size of your consciousness, and it’s always on. If you could use more of that power, you’d be unstoppable.

One question you might ask is, if the unconscious mind knows all the answers, then why do we struggle? Why do we only have occasional flashes of insight, rather than living in perpetual states of superhuman genius?

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Avoid these Obvious Email Mistakes (That Even Professionals Somehow Make)

Avoid these Obvious Email Mistakes (That Even Professionals Somehow Make)

If the thought of using emails to sell intimidates you, don’t worry. The good news is that if you screw up email marketing, you’re in good company.

You can even get decent results if you make these mistakes, apparently. I wouldn’t know – I was lucky enough to receive some excellent training before I started dabbling.

Even without this training, I like to think I’d avoid some of these. The biggest screw-ups seem obvious to me. Based on what pollutes my inbox (temporarily, before I race towards the unsubscribe link), even some experts need a little schooling on this.

Don’t think of this as a rant. Think of it as a list of things to avoid doing.

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