Leave Hustling for Hustlers

Leave Hustling for Hustlers

You’ve reached a strange point in life when you start bragging about things you shouldn’t. Most people don’t share with glee when they oversleep or overeat.

But drinking too much? Yeah, some people are proud of that.

What about working too hard?

Uh, yeah. Now that you mention it, some people do like to brag about that.

Gotta hustle, gotta hustle, can’t stop hustling…

I fall into this trap sometimes. That’s why I remind myself of the other definitions of hustlers – con artists, prostitutes, thieves and frauds.

Leave the hustling to them, I say. We have too much value to create to hustle.

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Balance Nothing with Everything for Captivating Writing

Balance Nothing with Everything for Captivating Writing

One of the points I keep making is that, as a hypnotist, you already have elite marketing skills. It’s simply a matter of applying them in a different context.

Well, I say ‘simply’. That can be more challenging than it seems. I’ve spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to transfer the skills from one to the other.

But trust me – you have a head start over layfolk.

Because there are two things that come naturally to you. They seem like opposites, until you begin to use them. With a bit of clever skill, you forge these two elements of writing into a single piece of work.

When you do that, you’ll notice something:

People will start to like your writing.

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The More You Focus, the Deeper into Trance You Go

The More You Focus, the Deeper into Trance You Go

Here’s a situation my fellow hypnotists can relate to:

You meet someone and you run through the usual small talk. They tell you their name; you tell them yours. The topic of the weather comes up and goes away. They ask what you do and you say you’re a hypnotist.

Some people tense up at this point.

Not many, but a few.

Imagine you were a surgeon and someone worried you’d cut out their liver. You’d calmly explain that, no, that’s not what surgeons do. Besides, it’s not the time or place to go making incisions.

It wouldn’t happen. People love doctors, with good reason.

With hypnosis, though, it’s as if you said you’re a wolf and they come from a family of sheep.

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The George Costanza School of Therapeutic Marketing

The George Costanza School of Therapeutic Marketing

As I’ve said before, you want your message to stand out. If everyone else is saying ‘black’, consider how to say ‘white’. When everyone offers a spoonful of value, give them a bathtub full.

It’s exactly like the Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite of what his instincts say. After all, his instincts hadn’t helped him. So instead of lying to a beautiful woman, he admits that he’s unemployed and living with his parents. Instead of sucking up to the boss at his next interview, he berates him.

And it works.

Of course it does – most of the battle in life is getting people to pay attention to you. I mean, really pay attention.

That beautiful woman would have to fend off advances all day.

A job interviewer sees dozens, if not hundreds, of seemingly qualified people.

And your clients ignore thousands of marketing messages by lunchtime.

How do you stand out?

By doing the opposite of everyone else.

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A billion worlds at your fingertips

A billion worlds at your fingertips

In ancient times, only a lucky few could read. You had to be literate, which not everyone was. And you had to have access to books, which not everyone did.

This is why these folk were so keen on memory techniques. Books were expensive, and you’d need a (gasp!) private library to store them. For most people, the easier approach was to borrow books and memorise them.

You can imagine what it was like, knowing that the secrets of the world might be just one town over. How hungry for knowledge would you be if all that knowledge were out of reach? Finding the right book would only be the beginning. Convincing the scholar, nobleman or merchant to loan it would be an adventure in itself.

Some of these people must have spent a lifetime to read a few good books.

When I think about some of my favourite books, I can’t say I blame them.

Each book is a world, a perspective, a new way of thinking.

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Captivate hypnosis clients with a glance (but not the way you think)

Captivate hypnosis clients with a glance (but not the way you think)

You probably know how to mesmerise people with a glance. The hypnotic gaze is a useful skill – one that many hypnotists rely on.

But what if they haven’t met you yet? If they’re still browsing the web, then you need to captivate them with their glance, not yours.

Because a glance is all they’re going to give your offer. If it doesn’t suck them in immediately, then they’ll move on.

This is the brutal truth of digital marketing.

A truth that you can use to your advantage.

Let clients ignore other websites and offers. When they fixate on yours, it’ll be all the more powerful for them.

And all the more profitable for you…

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Daydream like a Fucking Badass

Daydream like a Fucking Badass

Forget what your teachers, parents, coaches and government told you:

Daydreaming is awesome. Don’t pay attention – the world will still be here when you get back.

Are there times to focus? Absolutely. And if you don’t focus when you need to, life and happiness will evaporate.

But if you never daydream? Or – worse – if you daydream like a rookie?

Forget about it.

If you’re going to follow your imagination, don’t be an amateur.

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How to Suck at Marketing and Get Clients Anyway

How to Suck at Marketing and Get Clients Anyway

What if you had to write a ten-page sales letter, one that would turn readers into clients? If you have a copywriting background, you’d shrug and get cracking. If you don’t, though, that can be a smidge intimidating.

But what if I changed the rules?

How intimidated would you be if I told you to write one line?

That’s it. One short, snappy, line.

It doesn’t even need to be a full sentence.

And all it has to do is convince people to keep reading.

You can take an hour to write this line. Or a day, or a week.

Take months if you need.

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The Trivial Way to Hack and Reprogram Your Unconscious

The Trivial Way to Hack and Reprogram Your Unconscious

Your unconscious is outside your awareness, but it’s not outside your control. It’s a strange quirk of psychology that most of our minds are invisible to us. Even stranger is how easy it is to influence our inner black boxes.

But it’s not as simple as thinking thoughts and hoping they’ll stick. We’ve all had moments when we’ve consciously decided to do something – hit the gym, eat a vegetable, be more present – only for it to not happen.

In other words, not all conscious thoughts influence your unconscious.

If you want to lead a different life, the art of unconscious reprogramming is worth knowing. Change comes quickly and easily when it reaches your unconscious mind.

In fact, think about how you were ten or 20 years ago. Most of the problems that plagued you are nothing to you now.

You’ve grown, changed and become stronger since then.

And most of those changes happened outside your awareness. You simply woke up one day and realised you’d been free of the problem for a while.

Or maybe you’re just realising it now…

Some of those changes, though, you were consciously aware of. You wanted them, so you thought about them. Maybe you took steps to fix things and, to your delight, these steps worked.

You have already reprogrammed your unconscious. It’s simply a question of how.

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Hypnosis Clients Don’t Care About Hypnosis

Hypnosis Clients Don’t Care About Hypnosis

When you describe what you offer, what should you focus on?

That’s a question you need to answer before you write about your products and services. Whether you’re using a sales letter (long, persuasive webpages that lead towards a sale) or squeeze pages (similar idea, only shorter and with no other links).

Because if you write in a way that potential clients don’t like, then you’re fighting uphill.

The ideal sales letter is not like every other marketing message your client reads. It’s something that they can’t forget about and won’t leave.

If their phone buzzes, they’ll ignore it so they can finish reading.

You may have experienced this yourself – an advertisement of some form that’s simply perfect for you. The product or service is exactly what you need, and the deal is right. It’s a no-brainer to buy.

What wizardry infuses ads like these?

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